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New Covid-19 restrictions could result in 49ers playing games in Arizona

Santa Clara County is cutting down on contact sports, and it will impact the 49ers and Stanford football.

A general view of Levi’s Stadium during the NFL game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals on September 13, 2020, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Photo by MSA/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

UPDATE: NFL Network is reporting the 49ers have not made a final decision on a new stadium, but the most likely option right now is to play in Glendale at the Arizona Cardinals stadium. They would also need to figure out a practice location. Options include moving to Arizona for the next month or “practice more than 150 miles away from their region — allowing those with the team to see their families from time to time — then travel to their new ‘home’ stadium.”

The 49ers are on the road in Week 12 but then home in Week 13, and thus will n

The San Francisco 49ers and Stanford Cardinal football teams will have to relocate over the next two weeks due to a new directive from Santa Clara County. The county announced on Saturday a temporary prohibition on recreational activities at all levels that “involve physical contact or close proximity to persons outside one’s household, including all contact sports,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The directive is to stem the surge of Covid-19 in the county. It begins on Monday, November 30 and runs until at least December 21. During that time, the 49ers are scheduled to host the Buffalo Bills on Monday, December 7 and the Washington Football Team on Sunday, December 13, while Stanford is tentatively scheduled to host Oregon State on Saturday, December 12.

The two football teams will need to relocate, and have a couple options nearby. Oakland Coliseum is vacant with the departure of the Raiders, and the stadium operations crew is accustomed to turning the baseball configuration into football. The other option is Kezar Stadium in San Francisco near Golden Gate Park. The 49ers played at Kezar for 25 years before moving into Candlestick Park in 1971. They have since held practices there from time to time. Given the quick turnaround between the 49ers and Stanford games December 12 and 13, we could see both stadiums end up being used.