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Watch Ryan Fitzpatrick throw a deep ball to Mack Hollins without even seeing him

This game had an unbelievable finish.

The Miami Dolphins beat the Las Vegas Raiders in a wild game, and it felt like the game had three or four different crazy plays in the closing minutes. Each play was crazier than the last, and it peaked with Ryan Fitzpatrick connecting with Mack Hollins on a 34-yard pass while getting his helmet yanked backward. Here’s a look at what Ryan Fitzpatrick’s facemask looked like when he threw the pass.

It was certainly quite the game. The Dolphins tied the game up at 16 with 4:05 to go. The Raiders responded with a 75-yard touchdown with Derek Carr finding Nelson Agholor for the catch-and-run score to take a 22-16 lead with a missed extra point. Three plays later the Dolphins responded with Myles Gaskin catching a short pass and turning it into a 59-yard score and a 23-22 lead. The Raiders in turn picked up 49 yards on a defensive pass interference call that set up what looked to be the game-winning field goal in a 25-23 victory.

Only then the Dolphins responded. Fitzpatrick connected with Hollins for 34 yards and Miami got an additional 15 yards on the penalty. Eventually Jason Sanders kicked a field goal to win it 26-25.

Here’s a look at the pass.