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DeShaun Watson tweets Drake song lyrics that might suggest displeasure

DeShaun Watson lost his star receiver this offseason. We’re not quite sure his feelings on the matter, but Monday saw him tweet some pointed Drake lyrics.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson checks the defense before the snap against the Kansas City Chiefs during the second half in a AFC Divisional Round playoff football game at Arrowhead Stadium. Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans traded star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals at the start of free agency, leaving plenty of people bewildered. The Texans did not get much in return, and their subsequent signing of Randall Cobb does not exactly do a lot to replace Hopkins. Of course, you don’t really fully replace a star like Hopkins.

There have been questions about how quarterback DeShaun Watson feels about the trade, and he has kept quite for the most part. However, on Monday he offered up Drake song lyrics in a tweet. He tweeted from the song “Emotionless.” While the song as a whole is not really on point with displeasure about the trade, the specific lyrics he chose could potentially speak to it.

While it would seem obvious Watson is probably not happy the Texans traded Hopkins, we haven’t heard any rumors of disgruntlement. One has to wonder if he’ll play the good soldier and leave when his contract is up, force a decision sooner, or try and wait out Bill O’Brien and see how the situation potentially changes. We’ve got a long offseason still to go, and with offseason workout programs indefinitely postponed, it might be some time before we get a chance to hear Watson respond to questions on the record.