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Tracking NFL teams who have re-opened their front offices

The NFL is allowing teams to begin re-opening their front offices effective Tuesday, May 19th. While coaches and players cannot yet return, this is a step forward as the league looks to get its season started on time.

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A general view of the front of Tampa Bay Buccaneers front office, One Buccaneer Place, during Rookie Mini Camp on May 9, 2015 in Tampa, Florida. Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The NFL has been operating in an entirely virtual space for the past two months, but on Tuesday, May 19th, they are allowing teams to begin returning employees to club facilities.

Starting Tuesday, teams are allowed to have up to 50 percent of their employees back in offices, although the total number of employees allowed back is 75. Additionally, if they have multiple facilities in use, the 75 figure is cumulative, not per facility. Re-opening is contingent upon state and local regulations allowing for it, and having a formal health and safety protocol set up.

The re-opening does not allow for coaches or players to return yet. For the time being, coaches are not allowed back until coaches from all 32 teams can return to facilities. That could change if some states remain closed longer than others, but that’s the plan for now. The return of players requires an agreement between owners and the players’ union due to the impact on terms and conditions of employment under the collective bargaining agreement.

Some teams started to re-open on the 19th, while others either cannot or are choosing to wait a little longer. We’re tracking how each club reopens its facility.

Which NFL teams have re-opened office facilities?

Arizona Cardinals: Re-opening May 19th with “very limited number” of employees.

Atlanta Falcons: Started re-opening on May 19th. 15 operational employees to start, and will build from there, per Michael Giardi.

Baltimore Ravens: Re-opened on May 26th with no more than 20 people eligible to return.

Buffalo Bills: Re-opened June 2nd, according to beat writer Vic Carucci.

Cincinnati Bengals: Re-opened on May 20th, per beat writer Ben Baby.

Cleveland Browns: Will begin re-opening on June 1st, per team release.

Dallas Cowboys: Re-opened on May 19th, per beat writer Clarence Hill.

Denver Broncos: Planning May 25th re-opening.

Detroit Lions: Re-opening June 10th, per team.

Green Bay Packers: Planning May 26th re-opening, per Jason Wilde.

Houston Texans: Re-opening on May 19th, per Aaron Wilson.

Indianapolis Colts: Confirmed plans for May 19th return, per Joel Erickson.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Planning May 26th re-opening.

Kansas City Chiefs: Opened on May 19th, per AP reporter Barry Wilner.

Miami Dolphins: Coaches coming back on June 8th, per Albert Breer.

Minnesota Vikings: Re-opened on June 8th, per beat writer Chad Graff.

New England Patriots: Coaches started being able to come back voluntarily on June 5th, per Albert Breer.

New York Giants: Began re-opening offices on June 3rd, per beat writer Art Stapleton.

New York Jets: Began re-opening offices on June 3rd, per beat writer Manish Mehta.

Philadelphia Eagles: Re-opening June 8th, per the team.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Re-opening May 19th “with a limited number of staff being permitted in our buildings,” per team spokesman.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Will re-open on June 10th, per Jenna Laine.

Tennessee Titans: Coaches coming back on June 8th, per Albert Breer.

Washington: Re-opened May 19th, per WUSA.

Which confirmed they are not re-opening yet?

Carolina Panthers: North Carolina is re-opening, but team is waiting until early June, per the Charlotte Observer.

Chicago Bears: Allowed to re-open May 29th, but have made no plans to do so, per 670 The Score.

Los Angeles Chargers: Remaining closed indefinitely, per Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles Rams: Remaining closed indefinitely, per Los Angeles Times.

San Francisco 49ers: Remain closed with Santa Clara County still not in phase 2 of re-opening, per beat writer Nick Wagoner.

Seattle Seahawks: Remain closed with Washington stay-at-home order in place through end of May, per beat writer Gregg Bell.


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