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Report: Russell Wilson would like to see Seahawks sign Antonio Brown

Russell Wilson might be looking for some help in the passing game. We break down the latest Antonio Brown rumors.

New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown reacts on the sideline during the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium. Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are looking at adding Devonta Freeman or Carlos Hyde as running back depth, but their star quarterback might want them to make a bigger splash. Noted NFL reporter John Clayton is hearing Russell Wilson wants to see the team sign free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Clayton does not see this being a deal that happens anytime soon, if it happens at all.

Don’t expect anything soon in regards to Brown. While it is an option down the road, deals like that are something John Schneider waits on, as he likes to leave extra cap room for moves in the summer and during the season. And let’s not go overboard on the Antonio Brown option. He won’t be signed this month, and the Seahawks wouldn’t sign him next month. Don’t let it be a topic like trade talk years ago with the Cleveland Browns or the Seahawks drafting Josh Allen. Those things weren’t happening. If the Seahawks would do something with Brown, it would be in late July or August.

Antonio Brown has been linked primarily to Tom Brady, but given his talent level, it’s no surprise another star quarterback might be interested. That being said, there are a host of issues in signing Brown. He was in the process of being investigated for sexual assault, and that had not been completed as of late last season.

This all comes as one-time Seahawks wide receiver Josh Gordon is applying for reinstatement. The Seahawks added Phillip Dorsett this offseason. They could use some additional help, so even if Brown or Gordon is not the answer, look for the team to add some additional depth at some point.