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Check out Tom Brady in his new Bucs uniform

Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason, but the Covid-19 pandemic has kept him from going into the team’s facility. He went through a physical for his contract, was able to execute the deal, and has done media and the like, but social distancing has complicated matters.

On Tuesday, the Bucs posted the first pictures of Brady in a Bucs #12 jersey.

They said it’s not a “jersey swap” but I’m curious where they were able to conduct a photo shoot. Maybe they shipped Brady the three uniforms, helmet, and pads and had a set up a time for a professional photo shoot?

Brady has started getting workouts in with his teammates at a local high school football field. Players will not be returning to team facilities until training camp gets underway later this summer. The tentative plan is end of July, but those details are still being negotiated between the owners and players.