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NFL training camp will still open as scheduled

Despite Covid-19, the NFL will open training camp on schedule.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford throws a pass during NFL football practice on August 20, 2019 at Detroit Lions Training Facilities in Allen Park, MI Photo by Allan Dranberg/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL has told teams that training camp will go ahead as scheduled, with the bulk of players reporting July 28th and rookies and select players, like quarterbacks, allowed to report earlier. This news coincides with the U.S. also seeing a spike in Covid-19 cases.

The NFL has created a 13-page document listing guidelines for social distancing protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic. Even if these protocols are strictly adhered to, we are still in uncharted territory with no assurances that Covid-19 will be controlled.

Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefanski says,

All offseason long, we’ve had a plan, and we’re ready to pivot. We have a plan for the players to get back up here. I’ve encouraged our players to stay safe, and that’s from the moment we started talking to these guys back in April. I’ve told them that the No. 1 priority is their safety and their family, and we want to make sure we’re here for them and providing every resource for them.

Whatever the rules are, I am ready to abide by them and adhere to them. We have a plan. If that plan won’t do, another one must. We will be ready.

The NFL will need to be both strict and flexible to keep pace with the virus. At this point we are still very much in wait to see mode. Covid-19 can’t be controlled 100 percent, but the NFL doesn’t believe they can stop it completely, which is a good starting point for controlling it enough to play football this season.