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Madden Stream: Minnesota Vikings Depth Charts

DK Playbook provides you with the Minnesota Vikings’ depth chart for Madden Streams.

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen makes a catch for a touchdown against the New York Giants during the second half at MetLife Stadium. Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

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This is the depth chart used for DraftKings Madden Stream contests for the Vikings. It is based on rosters at the end of the 2019-2020 season with all injured players active. For more information on the details of the contests and a schedule of upcoming matchups click here.

QB1: Kirk Cousins
QB2: Sean Mannion

Running Back
RB1: Dalvin Cook
RB2: Alexander Mattison
RB3: C.J. Ham
RB4: Mike Boone
RB5: Ameer Abdullah

Wide Receiver
WR1: Stefon Diggs
WR2: Adam Thielen
WR3: Laquon Treadwell
WR4: Olabisi Johnson
WR5: Chad Beebe
WR6: Alexander Hollins

Tight End
TE1: Kyle Rudolph
TE2: Irv Smith Jr.
TE3: David Morgan
TE4: Tyler Conklin
TE5: Austin Cutting

K1: Dan Bailey

Madden Stream Results

Offense comes late but Packers beat Vikings, 20-13 — 3/29/20

It was 6-3 after three quarters, but both offenses showed up late in what turned out to be a close win for the Packers in Sunday’s first Madden Stream of a virtual tripleheader. It took a dramatic virtual booth review to confirm the Packers’ first touchdown scored by Davante Adams ($10,600 in single-game Showdown), and Aaron Jones ($8,200) added a second score later in the fourth quarter. Minnesota’s touchdown was surprisingly scored by Olabisi Johnson ($1,600), who had just that one catch for 40 yards and 11 DKFP. Adams was the right option as Captain’s Pick as he finished with 21.6 DKFP on six catches for 96 yards to go with his touchdown. Jones finished with 16.95 DKFP and Aaron Rodgers ($10,400) edged Kirk Cousins ($9,600) 13.88 DKFP to 12.24 DKFP.

Eagles take down Vikings in Madden simulation — 4/5/20

In what might have been the most exciting finish we’ve seen in these Madden simulations, it was Alshon Jeffery ($8,400; 26.5 DKFP) playing the role of hero for Philadelphia in a 20-17 victory over Minnesota. With only six seconds on the clock and the Eagles down four points, Jeffery was able to haul in a 25-yard pass from Carson Wentz ($10,000; 17.9 DKFP) and just sneak over the goal line for the game-winning score. It was the veteran wideout’s second touchdown reception of the quarter and the most important play in a contest that saw Jeffery collect six catches for 85 yards. Adam Thielen ($7,800; 17.6 DKFP) also finished with six receptions.

Vikings make easy work of Saints in Madden simulation — 4/13/20

You would be forgiven for not coming into Monday with a lot of confidence in Minnesota’s defensive capabilities. In fact, you wouldn’t be alone in feeling that way. The Vikings’ DST ($4,400; 16.0 DKFP) carried just an 8.4% ownership in this evening’s Showdown slate against New Orleans; however, those courageous enough to roster the unit enjoyed some massive success. Minnesota was dominant in its 21-7 victory, with its defense leading the charge. The Vikings’ DST forced three turnovers in total, returning one of the three for a first half touchdown. Even in a simulation, it’s not often you see the Saints held to just seven points at home.

Seahawks come from behind to beat Vikings with impressive late drive — 4/18/20

For most of the fourth quarter, it didn’t look like the Seahawks were going to be able to pull out a win. Just like in real life, they had Russell Wilson ($11,600) to turn the tide late. He orchestrated a touchdown drive with time winding down to give Seattle a 21-20 win. The Seahawks had to convert a fourth down in the red zone and, ultimately, the drive ended with Wilson rushing for a game-winning touchdown, giving him 21.72 DKFP for the game. In a losing effort, Adam Thielen ($8,000) had another big game for the Vikings. As the number two receiver, he constantly finds himself in favorable matchups and he once again cashed in with 32.4 DKFP.

Mitchell Trubisky shines for the Bears again– 4/24/20

In real life, it looks like Trubisky ($10,200) could be out of a job. The Bears traded for Nick Foles, seemingly ending Trubisky’s time as a starter. At the very least, it’s shortened his leash. In Madden, he’s doing more to fight for his job than he ever did in actual football. Trubisky racked up 22.4 DKFP in a 24-21 win over the Vikings. He continues to be one of the top performing fantasy players in Madden sims. On the other side of the game, Adam Thielen ($8,600) had another big game for the Vikings. One of the top simulation wide receivers, he had 20.7 DKFP and came just shy of the 100-yard bonus.

Vikings take down Rams in Madden simulation — 4/26/20

It wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Minnesota’s offensive strategy on Sunday night. In a tightly-contested 24-16 victory over Los Angeles, the Vikings relied on one man and one man only: Dalvin Cook ($8,400; 36.5 DKFP). The Florida State product had been relatively quiet in prior simulations, but that trend ended in an eye-popping three-touchdown performance. In fact, Cook came perilously close to also cresting the 100-yard plateau, eventually settling just seven yards short. Still, with the help of three receptions, Cook wound up with 155 scrimmage yards in what was easily his best showing in these Madden streams so far.

Vikings hold off Cowboys in Madden Simulation — 4/29/20

This was an odd game, as the Cowboys fumbled five times in the first half and were never able to recover. Dallas lost only two of the fumbles, but the first one was returned by Vikings D/ST ($3,200; 13 DKFP) for the touchdown. Dalvin Cook ($8,600; 16.4 DKFP) and Kyle Rudolph ($7,400; 14.4 DKFP) scored the other touchdowns for Minnesota in the 24-16 victory, but the top fantasy plays were still on Dallas. Dak Prescott ($10,000; 20.38 DKFP) threw for 237 yards and a touchdown, but racked up another 69 yards on the ground. He scored over 30 DKFP in the captain spot for the winning lineup. Jason Witten ($6,200; 25.4), despite fumbling the ball the Vikings took to the house, posted an 11-94-1 line.

Vikings double-up Ravens in Madden simulation — 5/3/20

Congratulations to the 0.7% of you who decided it would be a good idea to captain Laquon Treadwell ($3,400; 26.8 DKFP). The former first-round pick was dynamic in Minnesota’s 20-10 victory over Baltimore this evening, with Treadwell catching seven passes for 108 yards and a touchdown. Not only was it the wideout’s first TD in these Madden simulations, but it was also the first time Treadwell had exceeded even 70 yards receiving. On the other side, Lamar Jackson ($11,400; 21.5 DKFP) was still quite good even in defeat. The reigning MVP scrambled for 111 yards, which was the reason he produced 20-plus DKFP for the sixth time in his past seven starts.

Tevin Coleman dominates in Tuesday’s simulation– 5/5/20

Coleman ($7,600; 47.2 DKFP) almost single-handedly defeated the Vikings in Tuesday’s simulation, piling up 235 rushing yards and two TDs as the 49ers won 31-17. In case that wasn’t enough, he also caught five passes for 37 yards. Coleman wasn’t the only running back to go off, however, as the Vikings’ Dalvin Cook ($9,200; 20.9 DKFP) put up 106 yards and a TD of his own. George Kittle ($8,600; 18.1 DKFP) was the next best 49er, compiling 81 yards and a TD on four receptions.

Raiders hold on to beat Vikings in Madden simulation — 5/7/20

We witnessed a nail-biter this afternoon between Oakland and Minnesota, with the Raiders eventually hanging on for a 24-21 victory. There were more than a few players who came through with decent DFS performances in this one; however, it was Josh Jacobs ($8,200; 23.5 DKFP) finally breaking out that stole the show. Jacobs has clearly been more viable since the switch to eight-minute quarters, but coming into Thursday, he’d still yet to exceed 100 yards on the ground. Well, consider that dubious streak over, as the former first-round pick registered 134 yards and a touchdown. Dalvin Cook ($9,800; 21.2 DKFP) was also good, racking up 102 scrimmage yards and a TD of his own.

Vikings dominate defensively against Texans in Madden sim — 5/11/20

Both offenses only reached the end zone once in this one, but defense and special teams made a huge difference in Minnesota’s 23-7 victory. Vikings D/ST ($3,400; 21 DKFP) had three sacks and forced three turnovers, returning one for a touchdown. Dan Bailey ($3,800; 11 DKFP) also knocked in three field goals, along with both his extra-point attempts. As for the offensive touchdowns, Stefon Diggs ($9,600; 18.9 DKFP) finished with a 3-99-1 line, and while he just missed the 100-yard bonus, his 28.35 DKFP in the captain’s spot helped build the winning lineup. DeAndre Hopkins ($10,200; 14.9 DKFP) had Houston’s lone score, catching five passes for 50 yards.

Bucs edge out Vikings 16-13 in Madden sim– 5/14/20

This Madden simulation was a rock fight, but ultimately won by Tampa Bay. Mike Evans ($9,600) led the way with four catches for 43 yards and a touchdown. He finished with 14.3 DKFP. Though the Vikings lost, it was Kyle Rudolph ($10,800 CPT) who was the winning captain. He just missed the 100-yard bonus, going for 99 yards on seven catches with a touchdown. He had 34.35 DKFP. The rest of the winning lineup featured Kirk Cousins ($10,800), Jameis Winston ($10,400), Dan Bailey ($3,800), and Matt Gay ($3,600). This lineup was a solo-winner.

Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen score in win over Chargers– 5/16/20

The Vikings beat the Chargers by a comfortable 23-13 margin this afternoon. With three field goals, Dan Bailey ($3,800; 13 DKFP) was the top value play in the contest. On the ground, Dalvin Cook (9,000; 18 DKFP) helped milk the clock and fell just shy of the rushing bonus with 97 yards. Adam Thielen ($8,200; 18 DKFP) led Minesota in receiving, bringing in three catches for 80 yards with a touchdown. As per usual, Mike Williams ($6,200; 14.7 DKFP) was solid for the Chargers. He’s been one of the top fantasy players in the DraftKings simulations and rarely has a bad performance.

Vikings take down Cardinals in Madden simulation– 5/18/20

Most people have seemed to figure out that Adam Thielen ($8,800; 21.7 DKFP) is the wideout you want to roster from Minnesota in these simulations, but it’s not like the 29-year-old had been performing all that well as of late. In fact, coming into this afternoon’s simulation against Arizona, Thielen had been limited to three catches or fewer in seven-straight games. Well, that streak would come to a crashing halt in the Vikings’ 24-17 victory. Thielen registered six receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown in the winning effort, easily the top target for Kirk Cousins ($11,200; 16.6 DKFP) in what was also a solid showing from the veteran QB.

Vikings’ DST dominates the Giants– 5/20/20

It’s not often we have seen a DST lead a showdown slate in DKFP. This evening, the Vikings’ DST ($3,400; 21 DKFP) was able to accomplish the feat. In a 24-13 win over the Giants, Minnesota racked up three sacks, forced four fumbles and scored a touchdown. This is about as good as we have seen a defense play in Madden. Overall, this wasn’t a game with a ton of fantasy production. The next best fantasy option was Evan Engram ($8,200; 17.2 DKFP). With the Giants playing from behind, he pulled in five catches for 62 yards and a touchdown.

Vikings throttle Dolphins in Madden simulation– 5/24/20

It might be strange to say this about a game Miami would eventually lose 27-11, but the biggest play from tonight’s stream was a DeVante Parker ($9,000; 18.9 DKFP) fourth quarter touchdown. To that point, no one on the Dolphins had exceeded even 10.0 DKFP, yet that one reception changed the slate entirely. Suddenly, Parker was in possession of 99 yards receiving and he was a fixture in all winning lineups. Of course, Minnesota had some DFS standouts, too. Adam Thielen ($8,600; 22.1 DKFP) reached the bonus with seven catches for 106 yards, while Dalvin Cook ($9,400; 15.9 DKFP) finished the victory with 80 rushing yards and a touchdown of his own.

Vikings best Panthers in rainy Madden sim– 5/27/20

Weather Wednesday didn’t slow down Dalvin Cook ($9,200; 26.2 DKFP), as he plowed through the Panthers for 138 rushing yards and a touchdown. Tacking on a couple of receptions and the yardage bonus, Cook went for 39.3 DKFP as a captain at 20.1% ownership, where he was slotted in the winning lineup. Cam Newton ($10,400; 19.3 DKFP) did his best to keep the Panthers in it, scoring once through the air and another time on the ground, but came up just short in the 24-17 loss. Laquon Treadwell ($4,400; 15.8 DKFP) was the crucial value piece on the slate, posting a 4-58-1 line at just 12.4% ownership.

Vikings shutout Steelers in Madden simulation– 5/31/20

Woof. I mean, even a bad simulated football game is better than no football at all, but this evening’s tilt between Minnesota and Pittsburgh was really pushing the validity of that philosophy. In the end, Vikings D/ST ($3,200; 14.0 DKFP) pitched a shutout and led its team to a 13-0 victory. It’s actually the fifth time in Minnesota’s past eight streams that their defense has registered at least 10.0 DKFP. Aside from that? Well, Dalvin Cook ($8,800; 13.2 DKFP) scored the game’s lone touchdown, but it wasn’t as if he was even all that effective, gaining just 42 rushing yards on 18 carries. There’s no way around it, this one was a stinker.

Vikings top Washington in Tuesday’s simulation– 6/2/20

The Vikings had no problems en route to a 35-14 simulated win, with each member of their star foursome accruing a gaudy box score. Dalvin Cook ($10,200; 27.4 DKFP) led the way with 121 rush yards and two TDs. But they also got plenty of work done through the air, with Kirk Cousins ($11,000; 23.84 DKFP) completing most of his 296 yards to Adam Thielen ($9,200; 27.6 DKFP) and Stefon Diggs ($10,600; 21.4 DKFP). Thielen finished with 117 yards and a TD on nine receptions, while Diggs caught 74 yards, a TD, and a two-point conversion.

Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen carry Vikings over Pats in snowy Madden sim — 6/3/20

The snow wasn’t enough to slow down Minnesota’s offense in this one, as Dalvin Cook ($8,800; 25.2 DKFP) rushed for 139 yards and a touchdown, and Adam Thielen ($8,200; 31.4 DKFP) went for 123 yards through the air with a pair of trips to the end zone. Thielen was 6.5% owned as a CPT, where he posted 47.1 DKFP for the winning lineup. Ben Watson ($6,200; 19.5 DKFP) continued his dominance as the Patriots’ top offensive weapon, finishing with a 5-85-1 line in the 21-14 loss.

Stefon Diggs arrives to the sim party — 6/6/20

It is about time. Diggs ($10,400; 40.8 DKFP) has generally been terrible in our Madden sims, leading to him only being 2.4% owned in the Captain spot. Those who stuck with Diggs finally got the game they have been waiting for. He hauled in seven passes for 188 yards and scored a pair of touchdowns. This also meant a big game for Kirk Cousins ($10,800; 27.72 DKFP), who finished with over 300 passing yards. The Vikings won by a final score 28-16 and almost all the production came from the Cousins to Diggs combo.