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Dolphins tell players July 28th camp start date up in the air, subject to change

The NFL is hoping players can report to training camp over the next two weeks. The Dolphins are telling players that could change in a hurry.

A general view TIAA Bank Field during the Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp at Dream Finders Homes Practice Complex on July 26, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida. Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

NFL training camp for most teams is scheduled to start July 28th, but more importantly, teams have scheduled rookies to start reporting as soon as this weekend. The league has long had rookies and injured players report to training camp earlier than veterans to start getting acclimated.

That is all entirely up in the air at this point across the league. The owners and players are negotiating terms and conditions for starting camp and having the entire 2020 season, and that has left teams in a tough position for communicating with their players.

The latest news comes from a state dealing with a serious spike in Covid-19 cases. The Miami Dolphins are telling players “everything is up in the air” and the team “could see things getting pushed back” for the start of camp,” according to Miami Herald reporter Adam Beasley.

The NFL continues to push forward the notion that things will start on time, but with rookies scheduled to report in the coming week and veterans by the end of the month, it’s hard to think this will all come off without a hitch. Covid-19 testing has to take place, and we’ve seen extensive delays already for MLB teams trying to start their summer camps. Positive tests will result in players quarantining for up to two weeks, which will impact roster decisions. And then you have the San Francisco 49ers still unable to even return to their offices in Santa Clara county as California prepares to shut some aspects of the economy back down due to a recent surge.

The owners and players will continue negotiating over next steps, but that will all depend in part on how the case surges continue. For the time being, we’re in a wait-and-see position for the start of training camp and in turn the preseason and regular season.