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Jets, Giants are the worst by a long shot in Week 4 power rankings

The NFL has wrapped up Week 3, and the bottom is pretty ugly across the league.

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is sacked by San Francisco 49ers defensive end Kerry Hyder during the third quarter of a NFL football game at MetLife Stadium. Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL closed out Week 3 and one week from today we’ll be one quarter of the way through the 2020 season. Time flies by once football gets going, and before you know it we’ll be in the playoff stretch.

We are starting to get a better handle on some of the good and bad teams across the league. We can’t draw too many conclusions yet, but we’re starting to put together some educated guesses as to where this season might be headed.

And so, we’re back with our latest set of NFL power rankings. Three weeks ago we opened with power rankings that used Super Bowl odds and strength of schedule. We moved into a more subjective look a week later, and are continue on with some gut feelings.

Worst teams, Week 3

Power rankings are more about celebrating the best teams in the league, but it’s time recognize some of the truly awful teams in the NFL — and the two worst happen to occupy the same stadium!

The New York Giants and New York Jets were abysmal in Week 3 and there’s no indication things will improve anytime soon. The Giants hosted a banged up 49ers squad and was thumped 36-9 by San Francisco’s second and third string options. Meanwhile, the Jets traveled to face the Colts and walked away with a 36-7 loss. Giants head coach Joe Judge isn’t losing his job this year, but Adam Gase is on borrowed time.

Best performers, Week 3

The Chiefs won the battle of the titans on Monday Night Football, and claim the top spot in the power rankings. The Ravens don’t slip far, but Kansas City really looked good. I’m not entirely sure how they nearly lost to the Chargers last week, but they showed up in prime time.

The Seahawks probably didn’t deserve to beat the Cowboys on Sunday, but they took care of business late and got a crucial conference win. They’re undefeated and belong in the conversation with the Chiefs and Ravens among the league’s elite.

Sleeper teams, Week 3

Are the Bills a sleeper team at this point? They could come back to earth, but after blowing a 28-3 lead to the Rams, the Bills came back and got the much-needed win. The Bills travel to Las Vegas next week, and I’m really fascinated to see how Buffalo looks on the west coast. This could be a tricky one for them. I think they’re for real, but with a stretch of @ Raiders, @ Titans, vs. Chiefs over the next three weeks, we’re going to find out a lot.

More questions than answers, Week 3

The Titans, Bears, and Steelers are all 3-0 and I’m not remotely sold on any of them. I think the Steelers are the closest to legit, the Bears are a bit more confusing to me, and the Titans are somewhere in the middle. They just keep winning, even though we can make a host of excuses for their wins. Thankfully, Week 4 could provide a little clarity. The Steelers and Titans square off in Nashville, while the Bears host a solid Colts squad.

Meanwhile, the Browns got another win to get to 2-1. They were crushed in Week 1 by Baltimore and have beaten Cincinnati and Washington since then. We likely already knew they were worse than Baltimore and better than Cincinnati and Washington, so we don’t know what the Browns are through three weeks.

And with that, here’s a look at my power rankings as we head into Week 4.

2020 NFL power rankings, Week 4

Rk Team Record Diff LW
Rk Team Record Diff LW
1 Kansas City Chiefs 3-0 +17 2
2 Seattle Seahawks 3-0 +25 3
3 Baltimore Ravens 2-1 +49 1
4 Green Bay Packers 3-0 +37 5
5 Buffalo Bills 3-0 +16 6
6 New England Patriots 2-1 +5 8
7 Pittsburgh Steelers 3-0 +22 9
8 Arizona Cardinals 2-1 +19 4
9 Los Angeles Rams 2-1 +18 7
10 San Francisco 49ers 2-1 +41 10
11 Tennessee Titans 3-0 +6 14
12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-1 +21 15
13 Indianapolis Colts 2-1 +39 17
14 Las Vegas Raiders 2-1 -2 11
15 Dallas Cowboys 1-2 -9 13
16 New Orleans Saints 1-2 -6 12
17 Chicago Bears 3-0 +12 20
18 Cleveland Browns 2-1 -13 25
19 Detroit Lions 1-2 -22 26
20 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 -14 16
21 Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 -5 18
22 Washington 1-2 -19 19
23 Minnesota Vikings 0-3 -27 21
24 Atlanta Falcons 0-3 -18 23
25 Cincinnati Bengals 0-2-1 -8 27
26 Carolina Panthers 1-2 -13 29
27 Houston Texans 0-3 -38 24
28 Miami Dolphins 1-2 +5 30
29 Philadelphia Eagles 0-2-1 -28 22
30 Denver Broncos 0-3 -25 28
31 New York Giants 0-3 -41 31
32 New York Jets 0-3 -57 32