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Report: Jets dump Adam Gase after two losing seasons

The Jets have finally decided to fire head coach Adam Gase. We break down the news and what’s next.

New York Jets head coach Adam Gase gestures for a time-out against the Buffalo Bills during the fourth quarter at Bills Stadium. Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have let coach Adam Gase go after going 2-14 on the season. Injuries hit the Jets hard, but Gase has consistently taken no responsibility for his team’s poor play. Fans were never on board with Gase as the new hire in 2019 and after ranking 31st in points scored in year-one and then dead last so far in year-two, he has only lost what little support he had to start.

Gase’s last two games were wins, which will keep the Jets from drafting Trevor Lawrence. There is of course something to be said in helping your team beat the Rams and Browns to find some pride after a 0-13 start, but unfortunately those wins will always be tied to Lawrence and his likely strong career now awaiting him in Jacksonville.

Gase’s calling card of leading the Broncos to the most points ever scored in a season as offensive coordinator will go down in history as the luckiest confluence of events to happen to one person. Peyton Manning’s talent and Gase’s ability to not get in Manning’s way have made Gase a rich man and fooled the Dolphins and Jets into handing over their teams to a not very good coach. At this point, Gase can only hope to find a job with a small division two school and work his way back up.