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Jaguars fan runs into end zone during James Robinson touchdown

Well, he did get wide open.

Urban Meyer is gone and apparently all hell breaks lose in Duval! Jaguars running back James Robinson scored a touchdown to cut the Texans lead to 14-10 in Week 15, but the highlight was the Jaguars fan who ran into the end zone during the run!

He was jumping around and maybe indicating to Trevor Lawrence he was open. I’m going to assume he thought it was a play action play because Lawrence was not going his way at all on this play.

Here’s another angle from the TV camera. You can see the fan flashing across the top and moving to the edge of the end zone. Smart move for a) getting open for the potential pass and b) getting out of the way of huge football players that would leave you in a lot of pain if they ran into you. It would be more pain than what he felt when security ran him down and tackled him.