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Who to root for in Week 16 if you are a Buffalo Bills fan

Week 16 is here and the Buffalo Bills are clinging to a playoff spot. Who should Bills’ fans root for to help their chances?

Buffalo Bills fans show support in the third quarter game against the Carolina Panthers at Highmark Stadium. Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 NFL season has been a crazy one, as no teams have truly taken over and coasted into the playoffs this year. That is especially true for the Buffalo Bills, who appeared poised to be shoe-ins for a strong 2021 and top playoff seeding. But the best laid plans of table crashers and mafia members don’t always work out the way we want. But, there is still plenty of time for Josh Allen and the Bills to make a strong push and end up with a good playoff spot.

The Bills come into this week with a 74% chance of making the playoffs, 66% chance of winning the division, and a 25% chance of a Round 1 bye, per The New York Times.

The Bills pushed back into the Top 7 AFC teams with a win last week, which puts them in the last slot of the playoffs at 8-6.

If you are a Bills fan, you’ll have a few games you’ll be paying attention to as they look to secure a good spot in the playoffs

Bills at Patriots

This one is a no brainer of course, but let’s just point out how important this game is. A win puts the Bills in first place in the division with a 9-6 record, and a 4-1 division record compared to the Patriots with a 9-6 overall record and a 3-2 division record. A loss pretty much takes them out of the division race and pushes them into only competing for a wild card slot.

Steelers at Chiefs

You will know if the Bills won or lost against the Patriots and that could inform who you root for in this game. The dream scenario for the Bills would be the Chiefs losing out and the Bills winning out. But, the Steelers hold the tiebreaker over the Bills and if the Bills were to lose to the Patriots, the safer team to root for would be the Chiefs, as you want to eliminate wild card rivals, especially ones you have lost to. If the Bills win, then it would probably be safe to hope for the best and root for a Steelers win, giving the Bills a better chance at the No. 1 seed.

49ers at Titans

UPDATE: The Titans beat the 49ers 20-17 on a last second field goal.

This is an easy one and it’s an island game on Thursday night, so get to rooting hard for the NFC team if you are a Bills fan. The Titans currently are at 9-5 and third in the AFC playoff race and hold the tiebreaker over the Bills after beating them in Week 6. Knocking down anyone ahead of the Bills in the playoff standings, while not boosting another AFC team is exactly what you want as a Bills fan.

Ravens at Bengals

This one is almost a toss up, as the Bills haven’t played either team and both are 8-6, with the Bengals holding the tie-breaker over the Ravens. That slight edge means Bills fans should root for the Ravens to take the lead back, as the New York Times gives the Bills a slightly better chance of making the playoffs if they lose to the Patriots and the Ravens beat the Bengals. If the Bills win, the odds are the same and the outcome of this game doesn’t matter much.

Colts at Cardinals

This is an easy one. An NFC team over an AFC team that is currently ahead of the Bills in the playoff race. Go Cardinals!

Chargers at Texans

This one is easy as well, as the Chargers are one slot ahead of the Bills in the playoff standings and the Texans have been eliminated from the playoffs. The problem is of course that the Texans are big underdogs. But, go Texans!

Browns at Packers

Another easy one, as the Browns at 7-7 could be an AFC Wild Card contender with a win and a Bills loss. Go Pack Go!

Broncos at Raiders

This one is pretty much a toss up, but, if the Bills were to lose, the odds would be better for them if the Raiders were to win this one. Go silver and black!