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Russell Wilson continues his airing of grievances tour

Russell Wilson seems displeased, and the Seahawks are not so happy themselves.

Is Russell Wilson’s Time Up in Seattle?

This is the time of year where anything a star quarterback says will be dissected and blown up in ways that likely don’t fit reality. So take the recent news surrounding Russel Wilson’s latest comments with a grain of salt. But, and yes, you knew there would be a “but,” there’s no doubt that Wilson isn’t completely happy.

Does Wilson not being happy mean he is just inches from being on the trade block? Of course not, but his recent comments show that he would very much like to be involved with the direction the offense is going.

Wilson isn’t one to make waves all that often, but the team’s recent struggles after two Super Bowl appearances in Wilson’s first three seasons, likely has him getting antsy. Since the end of the season, Wilson has pointed out that he’s frustrated by getting hit too much, that he’s not sure if he’s available in a trade, and that he’s like to be more involved in big picture moves.

Wilson’s airing of grievances tour hasn’t set well with the Seahawks organization, according to Dan Patrick, who said:

A source told me that the Seahawks’ management is not happy with Russell Wilson and his camp for taking this to the media. You wonder if they’re going to be able to co-exist. . . . The current situation is not sustainable. That’s what I was told.

Wilson has three years left on his contract and he’s easily one of the best quarterbacks in the league. There isn’t much of a chance this situation blows up like Deshaun Watson’s beef has with Texans’ management. But, it is worth keeping an eye on, as Wilson does have the clout to make things tough for Seattle if he wants.