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A.J. Brown recruits Julio Jones to Titans, but trade reportedly ‘a long shot’

The sweepstakes for future Hall of Famer Julio Jones’ services in 2021 continue

Ross Tucker Football Podcast | Is Julio done in Atlanta?

Multiple NFL players have gone to social media to recruit disgruntled All Pro wide receiver Julio Jones to their team as trade rumors swirl. The latest is Tennessee Titans Pro Bowl WR A.J. Brown, who has always been a big fan of Jones. But now that there’s a chance the Titans could land the future Hall of Famer, Brown went all out with a video he posted on Twitter:

Brown hypes Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry, himself, a little, and then Jones, saying at the end, “Come home Lio, come home.” Unfortunately for Brown and the Titans, a report surfaced around the same time that the Titans have been in discussions with Tennessee about a Jones trade, but that is looks to be “a long shot,” per ESPN’s Diana Russini.

Russini does say that the Falcons have received an offer which includes a first round pick. Many across the league believed that Atlanta would be lucky to get a second-rounder.

Of course, many reports are leaked to build trade leverage, so it is hard to take them all as gospel. The New England Patriots appear to be one of the favorites to land Jones, but no team has yet been linked directly in works to make a trade. If we hear of a specific team offering a first, we would have our frontrunner. But what almost seems certain at this point is that Jones will be traded. And I’d expect there is at least still a glimmer of hope for Brown to get to play with his favorite player.