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Trey Lance runs in TD after Trent Williams propels Packers defender to the moon

The 49ers got a key touchdown on a huge Trent Williams block.

You really have to feel bad for Packers cornerback Eric Stokes. He thought he had a bead on 49ers rookie quarterback Trey Lance and might make a touchdown-saving tackle. And then 49ers left tackle Trent Williams lowered his head and I can only imagine the feat in Stokes’ eyes. Williams lined up Stokes and sent him flying on the block.

Alex Mack made another key block as well, and it was enough for Lance to find the edge and get into the end zone.

The 49ers were trailing 17-0 at the time and showing zero signs of life. They finally managed a big kick return from Trenton Cannon to open that final second quarter drive at the Packers 32-yard line. The 49ers worked their way down and eventually had a 1st and goal at the 1 with 19 seconds left. San Francisco struggled to do anything on the first two plays and then with two seconds left in the half, brought on Lance to get them on the board.

The 49ers trail 17-7 at the half and get the ball back to open the third quarter.