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Washington Football Team name down to three finalists

A name change is coming soon.

A detailed view of the Washington Football Team logo at FedExField on December 20, 2020 in Landover, Maryland. Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Washington Football Team is working to come up with a new name for the franchise, and by all accounts they are down to a final three. Co-CEO Tanya Snyder told Adam Schefter that the list of names had previously been whittled down to eight names. The team later told Schefter the list of eight names was just names highlighted in their Making the Brand video, but not actually a final list of potential name candidates. That list included:

  1. Red Hogs
  2. Defenders
  3. Armada
  4. Presidents
  5. Brigade
  6. Commanders
  7. Red Wolves
  8. Washington Football Team

DC radio host Kevin Sheehan tweeted on Wednesday morning that a decision has been made with the second and third options being a plan B and plan C in case the vetting of plan A falls apart. He also tweeted that it is not going to be Washington Football Team.

The team is going to stick with WFT for the 2021 season, but it appears the plan is to implement the new name and accompanying branding in time for the 2022 season. Given some of the choices, it seems like the color scheme will remain the same, or at least something similar.