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Breaking down the NFL weather forecast for Week 6, what it means for fantasy football, betting

The weather report can impact fantasy football and betting. We break down the important information you need to prepare for Week 6.

A wide view from the end zone as the scoreboard implores the crowd to Get Loud in the fourth quarter of an NFL game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs on Dec 12, 2021 at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In the Week 6 weather report we’ll go through the games that look to have the strongest projected wind gusts, possible precipitation and more. We’ll also give you the games where we shouldn’t need to worry about weather, i.e., the games you can choose from in DFS without getting an ulcer. Helpful weather resources include National Weather Service and Dark Sky, among others.

Worst weather games

There are a few games with winds from 10-15 mph, but that shouldn’t be enough to cause much trouble. Overall, we’re pretty clear this weekend. A cool front has hit much of the midwest and eastern United States, but that should just make it feel a little closer to football weather.

Better weather games

Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants

Temperatures will be in the mid 60s, with no rain and winds around 6-8 mph. We get to see two rushing QBs battle in the early games.

Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins

Slight chance of rain in Miami, but very slight. Winds will be around 10 mph and as the cool front hasn’t gotten down to Florida, temperatures will be in the mid-80s. We’ll see if the Vikings can keep from cramping up.

New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns

Wind will be around 10-15 mph, which is down right calm for Cleveland this time of the year. Temperatures will be in the mid-60s with sunny skies.

New York Jets at Green Bay Packers

This is probably our coldest game of the season so far, as highs will be in the mid 40s and wind will be 10-15 mph. Won’t be a problem for these two northern teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh won’t have any rain, while the temperatures will be in the low 60s and wind from 10-15 mph.

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks

Gorgeous weather in the PNW. No wind, no rain and temperatures in the mid-70s. Kyler Murray and Geno Smith won’t have to factor in weather for this one.

Carolina Panthers at Los Angeles Rams

Great weather in L.A. Sunday afternoon. Wind will be a light 5 mph, temperatures will be in the low 70s and as usual, no rain.

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

There’s a little wind in Kansas City, but nothing that will bother Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen at 10-15 mph. Temperatures will be in the mid 60s with no rain in the forecast.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

This game has the best possibility of rain at just 25%. But with no wind and temperatures in the high 50s, a few sprinkles probably won’t cause much of a difference.

Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers

Temperatures will hover around 70 degrees, with no rain and winds from 5-10 mph. No problems for Monday night.

Home sweet dome

Cincinnati Bengals at New Orleans Saints

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons