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Micah Parsons returns fumble for touchdown after Justin Fields jumps over him [VIDEO]

The Bears quarterback bunny hops over Parsons during a fumble recovery.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys
Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields is hit by Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons in the first quarter at AT&T Stadium.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When your quarterback is near a fumble, you either have this urge for him to jump in for the ball or for him to stay as far away as possible. Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields completed a pass while scrambling to David Montgomery. When he was tackled by Dallas Cowboys defender Leighton Vander Esch, he fumbled the ball. The two closest players to it were Dallas defender Micah Parsons and quarterback Justin Fields.

Parsons scoops the ball, and Fields clears him with a leap. This resulted in Parsons not being downed by contact, and he got up and started running toward the endzone. Parsons had to shove teammates out of the way that were trying to celebrate and was able to return the fumble all the way to the endzone for a touchdown.

The Cowboys' defense came into this week as the top fantasy D/ST in the league. They have struggled to keep the Bears off the scoreboard, so this defensive TD at least gave a much needed boost to their fantasy output.