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LA replaces Hollywood sign with ugly Rams House sign

Stop trying to make Rams House happen. It’s not going to happen.

A Rams House sign temporarily replacing the Hollywood sign in LA. FOX Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are Super Bowl champions after beating the Cincinnati Bengals this past Sunday to claim the NFL’s championship. The team had its celebration parade on Wednesday, and as part of that the city of Los Angeles decided to temporarily replace the iconic Hollywood sign with a sign that says “Rams House.”

When you win a championship, you can generally get away with a lot as part of the celebration. Players will get drunk and do silly things in celebration, and cities will take some extreme measures to show they’re a championship city. When you’ve won a title, you’ve earned the right to do whatever you want (within legal bounds).

And yet, this might be a step too far. First off, the execution is abysmal. It looks like they slapped some paper up there with the letters attached, and it looks incredibly temporary. I suppose that’s going to happen with a temporary replacement, but if you’re going to do this, make it look better!

More importantly is the idea of “Rams House. The Rams have been trying to make it a thing all season long, in spite of the fact that generally fans of opposing teams have done a better job filling SoFi Stadium than Rams fans. And yet, the Rams keep trying to make Rams House a thing. They really need to stop.

But alas, they are the champs and the team and the city can do what they want no matter how ridiculous it looks.