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Buccaneers to bring back creamsicle uniforms for 2023 NFL season

The fan-favorite orange and white jerseys will be back on the NFL field in 2023.

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It’s been a busy Monday for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After news broke that the team will play in the first NFL regular-season game in Germany this fall, the franchise announced that the creamsicle and white throwback uniforms will return for the 2023 season. They were originally supposed to return for this upcoming campaign, but a global supply shortage bumped it back by a year.

The creamsicle orange and white jerseys with the ‘Bucco Bruce’ mascot head on the helmet was the original look for the franchise from its inaugural season in 1976 to 1996. While a unique color scheme, it became synonymous with losing as the Buccaneers became the losingest franchise in the NFL throughout the ‘80’s and 90’s.

Shortly after the team was acquired by the Glazer family, the franchise underwent a total rebrand in 1997 where the creamsicles was retired in favor of the modern red and pewter scheme. Tampa quickly found success after this makeover, eventually winning Super Bowl 37 in January of 2003 and solidifying the new colors as the permanent look for the team.

Still, a segment of older fans and younger fans alike were nostalgic for the classic look and in 2009, they brought them back as a once-a-year throwback to coincide with the annual Ring of Honor ceremony at Raymond James Stadium. This lasted until 2012 when the league enacted a one-helmet rule, preventing the Bucs to pair the throwback white helmet with the uniforms. The league rescinded the rule last year, opening the door for the franchise to bring the classic look back.

While this is exciting news for Bucs fans it’s also bittersweet considering they just missed the window on seeing recently retired quarterback Tom Brady wearing one. There is no doubt that the orange No. 12 Brady throwback would’ve been one of, if not the highest selling jersey in the NFL.