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When is the 2022 Puppy Bowl?

Super Bowl LVI is just around the corner... which means so is the cutest event of the football season.

The Puppy Bowl is a competition between two teams of shelter and rescue dogs while fetching the Lombarky trophy. The Puppy Bowl actually debuted in 2005 and has gone on ever since.

Just like Super Bowl LVI, the Puppy Bowl will take place on February 13. It will start at 2 P.M. EST and will air on Animal Planet. You can also stream it on Discovery+. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg will be the hosts for this years Puppy Bowl. Not only will Snoop Dogg be hosting the Puppy Bowl, but he’s also performing at halftime of Super Bowl LVI. It will be an eventful day for him.

There is also a most popular voting online here. From the beginning of the playoffs, there was a weekly vote for each dog in the bracket. Benny and Ted D. Bear are the finalists and the winner will be announced February 11th. Voting is open until February 10th.