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Terrell Owens catches touchdown in Fan Controlled Football League

The Hall of Fame wide receiver is still catching touchdowns.

No need to check the calendar, the year is 2022. 48-year-old Terrell Owens caught a touchdown pass in the Fan Controlled Football League on Saturday, April 16th.

The Fan Controlled Football league was established in 2017 and it is intended to be a sports league that is fully controlled by the fans. While the league has been established for four years, its inaugural season was held in 2021. There are eight teams in the league. One of which is the Zappers.

In Saturday’s game against the Shoulda Been Stars, Owens lined up out wide to the right and a basic seam route saw him in the endzone. His quarterback scrambled and tossed up a jump ball that Owens came down with. This was his first reception and touchdown as part of the Fan Controlled Football league. After the touchdown, Flo from Progressive made an excited touchdown signal.

Games in the FCF are split into two 20-minute halves. Owens’ touchdown came as time expired in the game and the Zaps took a loss. Even on the losing end, fans of the Zaps have to be excited to see Owens make the highlight play.