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NFL weather forecast for Week 17 Sunday Night Football, what it means for fantasy and betting

The weather report can impact fantasy football and betting. We break down the important information you need to prepare for Week 17’s Sunday Night Football matchup between the Steelers and Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

Quarterback Tyler Huntley #2 of the Baltimore Ravens celebrates after scoring on a two point conversion against the Atlanta Falcons at M&T Bank Stadium on December 24, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Baltimore Ravens for Week 17’s Sunday Night Football matchup. Kickoff from M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland is set for 8:20 p.m. ET, with the game airing on NBC.

Weather needs to be extreme to truly impact games, but when deciding between two players who you like equally, it might be a helpful tiebreaker. What we really don’t want to see is 20 mph or higher wind speeds. Rain can cause problems, but unless it is a combination of high winds and rain, we usually don’t want to downgrade our fantasy football players too much.

Helpful weather resources include National Weather Service and AccuWeather, among others.

Weather for Steelers vs. Ravens on Week 17 SNF

Forecast via AccuWeather

When the game kicks, it will be 47 degrees outside. That temperature is expected to hold pretty steady throughout the game, and there is a 0% chance of precipitation. The wind is expected to be steady at 5 mph by the time the game starts, with gusts only up to 6 mph.

Fantasy/betting implications

The weather is going to be a little chilly, but compared to what we have seen recently, it is nothing to worry about. The lack of wind and no precipitation in the forecast suggests that there isn’t a reason to change how you approach your fantasy football or betting decisions from a weather perspective.