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What is the single-game rushing record for a QB?

Justin Fields is putting on a show in Detroit and is on pace to make some history this afternoon.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields is already putting on a show in their Week 17 matchup against the Detroit Lions. The second-year QB crossed 100 rushing yards in just the first quarter of the NFC North matchup and there seems to be even more of that on the way this afternoon.

If he keeps it up, he’ll be on pace to shatter the regular season single-game QB rushing record set by...Justin Fields! That’s right, Fields already owns the record as he ran for 178 yards in their loss to the Miami Dolphins on November 6 earlier this season. The previous record holder was Michael Vick, who ran for 173 yards in his legendary performance against the Minnesota Vikings during the 2002 season.

The all-time rushing record holder by QB’s in a game is Colin Kaepernick, who broke off 181 rushing yards against the Green Bay Packers during their 2013 NFC Divisional Round playoff matchup. We’ll see if Fields can top that mark today.