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Will Eric Bieniemy be an NFL head coach in 2023?

We discuss whether an NFL team will hire Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and which opening fits him best.

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Chiefs offense has been the best in the NFL for the past few seasons. Since Patrick Mahomes has taken over, they’ve been stellar. Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has played a big role in that. While he’s been there, the offense has been one of the top scoring offenses in the NFL. This could finally be the year he gets a head coaching opportunity as many have thought it could come in the past two seasons.

Who is Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy?

Bieniemy was a running back who went to Colorado for college. He was great there and went onto be a second round pick of the San Diego Chargers at the time. He spent nine years in the NFL. After playing he became a running backs coach at Colorado and UCLA before going to the NFL to be the Minnesota Vikings running backs coach. After four years there, he returned to Colorado to be the offensive coordinator for two seasons.

After that, he was hired as the running backs coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. He spent five years as their running backs coach before being promoted to the offensive coordinator in 2018. Since taking over, their offense has consistently been the best in the NFL. After losing Tyreek Hill this year, many thought they would regress, but that hasn’t been the case at all.

Why would he make a good head coach?

He’s been due for a head coaching job for years. He has a ton of coaching experience and his success speaks for itself. He’s coached under one of the greatest coaches ever for nine straight seasons. Many have known this offense as the most productive in the league since Bienemy has been the head coach. In 2022, they are averaging 29.2 points per game which ranks 2nd in the NFL. He has the ability to be a great head coach if given the right situation.

Many have speculated him not being hired due to his off the field issues. I think this will finally be the year he gets a head coaching job. He would be extremely successful with a team like the Baltimore Ravens or Arizona Cardinals with playmakers at quarterback. Since 2018, there hasn’t been a more successful offensive coordinator. His game plans have been stellar including an offensive masterpiece against the San Francisco 49ers who have one of the best defenses in the NFL where they scored 44 points.

Which teams are interviewing him?

Indianapolis Colts

Bieniemy has been due to get a head coaching job for a long time now. The scare for me in Indianapolis is who will be playing quarterback for the team. Bieniemy can turn this offense around with exciting players like Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman. If they can find a good quarterback in this years draft, Bieniemy could help him develop into a great NFL quarterback. The Colts have a decent defense already, so Bieniemy would just have to make sure he hires the right assistants to improve this team. Bieniemy is a great fit for Indianapolis.