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How will Jalen Hurts’ contract extension affect Lamar Jackson’s pursuit of a long-term deal?

The young Eagles QB signed the richest deal in NFL history on Monday. How could this affect the former NFL MVP trying to get himself a long-term deal in Baltimore?

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts became the highest paid player in NFL history on Monday, reportedly agreeing to five-year, $255 million contract extension with the organization. The deal will include $179.304 million in total guarantees and a no-trade clause, a huge commitment for the young QB who just led the team to a Super Bowl appearance.

Hurts’ historic deal could add more gasoline to the fire that is the ongoing contract rift between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Acting as his own agent, the Jackson has spent the past few years pursuing a fully guaranteed contract with the organization that would make him one of the highest paid QB’s in the league. He reportedly turned down a five-year, $250 million deal with $133 million in guarantees last September, counter-offering with a deal that would exceed the fully guaranteed contract that the Cleveland Browns gave to Deshaun Watson last year. The two sides have been at impasse ever since and the Ravens ultimately placed him on a non-exclusive franchise tag worth $32.4 million for the upcoming 2023 NFL season. Days later, Jackson announced that he had requested a trade and it is now being speculated if he’ll sit out the season if his contract or trade requests are not met.

Now the situation gets even dicier for the Ravens with the news of Hurts’ massive contract extension breaking on Monday.

The Eagles quarterback had a breakout season where he was a strong MVP contender and took the franchise to the doorstep of a Super Bowl victory. However, Jackson actually has a unanimous MVP in 2019 on his resume and has been the engine for Baltimore’s offense when healthy. He has carried the team to successful years with significantly less weapons on offense than Hurts did during the 2022 season and that is something Jackson could easily point to when arguing for a similar deal. Monday’s news could make the situation even more contentious heading into the summer.