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Full printable 2023 NFL schedule grid

Are you looking for a complete 2023 NFL schedule grid? We’ve got it right here!

Head coach Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrate on stage during the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII victory parade on February 15, 2023 in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

Welcome to the 2023 NFL season! The schedule is here! The schedule is here! And now we wait four months. OTAs and minicamp are going to give us a little boost of NFL serotonin, and then training camp and preseason, but that’s still a long time to wait for real, live NFL football games.

Thankfully we have an NFL schedule grid just below here that you can pore over until you’ve assured yourself that your team will go 17-0. That might not be realistic, but as fans, realism isn’t really in our vocabulary when we have even a sliver of hope.

This season is going to be pretty great. What in the world will Aaron Rodgers and the Jets do? Kan Patrick Mahomes keep up his incredibly consistent and tremendous play and get to yet another Super Bowl in his short career? Will the 49ers be able to knock off the Eagles this time around? Will Bryce Young, CJ Stroud and Anthony Richardson make an impact their rookie year? So many questions and absolutely no answers for another four month!

Download Excel file HERE.

Download Excel file with abbreviations HERE.

2023 Full NFL Schedule

Teams Sep. 10 Sep. 17 Sep. 24 Oct. 1 Oct. 8 Oct. 15 Oct. 22 Oct. 29 Nov. 5 Nov. 12 Nov. 19 Nov. 26 Dec. 3 Dec. 10 Dec. 17 Dec. 24 Dec. 31 Jan. 6 or 7
Teams Sep. 10 Sep. 17 Sep. 24 Oct. 1 Oct. 8 Oct. 15 Oct. 22 Oct. 29 Nov. 5 Nov. 12 Nov. 19 Nov. 26 Dec. 3 Dec. 10 Dec. 17 Dec. 24 Dec. 31 Jan. 6 or 7
Arizona Cardinals @ Commanders vs. Giants vs. Cowboys @ 49ers vs. Bengals @ Rams @ Seahawks vs. Ravens @ Browns vs. Falcons @ Texans vs. Rams @ Steelers BYE vs. 49ers @ Bears @ Eagles vs. Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons vs. Panthers vs. Packers @ Lions @ Jaguars (London) vs. Texans vs. Commanders @ Buccaneers @ Titans vs. Vikings @ Cardinals BYE vs. Saints @ Jets vs. Buccaneers @ Panthers vs. Colts @ Bears @ Saints
Baltimore Ravens vs. Texans @ Bengals vs. Colts @ Browns @ Steelers @ Titans (London) vs. Lions @ Cardinals vs. Seahawks vs. Browns vs. Bengals (TNF) @ Chargers (SNF) BYE vs. Rams @ Jaguars (SNF) @ 49ers (MNF) vs. Dolphins vs. Steelers
Buffalo Bills @ Jets (MNF) vs Raiders @ Commanders vs. Dolphins vs. Jaguars (London) vs. Giants @ Patriots vs. Buccaneers (TNF) @ Bengals vs. Broncos (MNF) vs. Jets @ Eagles BYE @ Chiefs vs. Cowboys @ Chargers vs. Patriots @ Dolphins
Carolina Panthers @ Falcons vs. Saints (MNF) @ Seahawks vs. Vikings @ Lions @ Dolphins BYE vs. Texans vs. Colts @ Bears (TNF) vs. Cowboys @ Titans @ Buccaneers @ Saints vs. Falcons vs. Packers @ Jaguars vs. Buccaneers
Chicago Bears vs. Packers @ Buccaneers @ Chiefs vs. Broncos @ Commanders (TNF) vs. Vikings vs. Raiders @ Chargers (SNF) @ Saints vs. Panthers (TNF) @ Lions @ Vikings (MNF) BYE vs. Lions @ Browns vs. Cardinals vs. Falcons @ Packers
Cincinnati Bengals @ Browns vs. Ravens vs. Rams (MNF) @ Titans @ Cardinals vs. Seahawks BYE @ 49ers vs. Bills (SNF) vs. Texans @ Ravens (TNF) vs. Steelers @ Jaguars (MNF) vs. Colts vs. Vikings @ Steelers @ Chiefs vs. Browns
Cleveland Browns vs. Bengals @ Steelers (MNF) vs. Titans vs. Ravens BYE vs. 49ers @ Colts @ Seahawks vs. Cardinals @ Ravens vs. Steelers @ Broncos @ Rams vs. Jaguars vs. Bears @ Texans vs. Jets (TNF) @ Bengals
Dallas Cowboys @ Giants vs. Jets @ Cardinals vs. Patriots @ 49ers @ Chargers (MNF) BYE vs. Rams @ Eagles vs. Giants @ Panthers vs. Commanders vs. Seahawks (TNF) vs. Eagles @ Bills @ Dolphins vs. Lions @ Commanders
Denver Broncos vs. Raiders vs. Commanders @ Dolphins @ Bears vs. Jets @ Chiefs (TNF) vs. Packers vs. Chiefs BYE @ Bills (MNF) vs. Vikings (SNF) vs. Browns @ Texans @ Chargers @ Lions vs. Patriots vs. Chargers @ Raiders
Detroit Lions @ Chiefs (TNF) vs. Seahawks vs. Falcons @ Packers (TNF) vs. Panthers @ Buccaneers @ Ravens vs. Raiders (MNF) BYE @ Chargers vs. Bears vs. Packers @ Saints @ Bears vs. Broncos @ Vikings @ Cowboys vs. Vikings
Green Bay Packers @ Bears @ Falcons vs. Saints vs. Lions @ Raiders BYE @ Broncos vs. Vikings vs. Rams @ Steelers vs. Chargers @ Lions vs. Chiefs @ Giants vs. Buccaneers @ Panthers @ Vikings vs. Bears
Houston Texans @ Ravens vs. Colts @ Jaguars vs. Steelers @ Falcons vs. Saints BYE @ Panthers vs. Buccaneers @ Bengals vs. Cardinals vs. Jaguars vs. Broncos @ Jets @ Titans vs. Browns vs. Titans vs. Colts
Indianapolis Colts vs. Jaguars @ Texans @ Ravens vs. Rams vs. Titans @ Jaguars vs. Browns vs. Saints @ Panthers @ Patriots (Germany) BYE vs. Buccaneers @ Titans @ Bengals vs. Steelers @ Falcons vs. Raiders vs. Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Colts vs. Chiefs vs. Texans vs. Falcons @ Bills vs. Colts @ Saints (TNF) @ Steelers BYE vs. 49ers vs. Titans @ Texans vs. Bengals (MNF) @ Browns vs. Ravens @ Buccaneers vs. Panthers @ Titans
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Lions @ Jaguars vs. Bears vs. Jets (SNF) @ Vikings vs. Broncos (TNF) vs. Chargers @ Broncos vs. Dolphins (Germany) BYE vs. Eagles (MNF) @ Raiders @ Packers vs. Bills @ Patriots (MNF) vs. Raiders @ Bengals @ Chargers
Las Vegas Raiders @ Broncos @ Bills vs. Steelers @ Chargers vs. Packers vs. Patriots @ Bears @ Lions vs. Giants vs. Jets @ Dolphins vs. Chiefs BYE vs. Vikings vs. Chargers @ Chiefs @ Colts vs. Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers vs. Dolphins @ Titans @ Vikings vs. Raiders BYE vs. Cowboys (MNF) @ Chiefs vs. Bears (SNF) @ Jets (MNF) vs. Lions @ Packers vs. Ravens (SNF) @ Patriots vs. Broncos @ Raiders (TNF) vs. Bills @ Broncos vs. Chiefs
Los Angeles Rams @ Seahawks vs. 49ers @ Bengals (MNF) @ Colts vs. Eagles vs. Cardinals vs. Steelers @ Cowboys @ Packers BYE vs. Seahawks @ Cardinals vs. Browns @ Ravens vs. Commanders vs. Saints @ Giants @ 49ers
Miami Dolphins @ Chargers @ Patriots (SNF) vs. Broncos @ Bills vs. Giants vs. Panthers @ Eagles (SNF) vs. Patriots vs. Chiefs BYE Vs. Raiders @ Jets @ Commanders vs. Titans (MNF) vs. Jets vs. Cowboys @ Ravens vs. Bills
Minnesota Vikings vs. Buccaneers @ Eagles (TNF) vs. Chargers @ Panthers vs. Chiefs @ Bears vs. 49ers (MNF) @ Packers @ Falcons vs. Saints @ Broncos (SNF) vs. Bears (MNF) BYE @ Raiders @ Bengals vs. Lions vs. Packers (SNF) @ Lions
New England Patriots vs. Eagles vs. Dolphins (SNF) @ Jets @ Cowboys vs. Saints @ Raiders vs. Bills @ Dolphins vs. Commanders vs. Colts (Germany) BYE @ Giants vs. Chargers @ Steelers (TNF) vs. Chiefs (MNF) @ Broncos (SNF) @ Bills vs. Jets
New Orleans Saints vs. Titans @ Panthers (MNF) @ Packers vs. Buccaneers @ Patriots @ Texans vs. Jaguars (TNF) @ Colts vs. Bears @ Vikings BYE @ Falcons vs. Lions vs. Panthers vs. Giants @ Rams (TNF) @ Buccaneers vs. Falcons
New York Giants vs. Cowboys @ Cardinals @ 49ers (TNF) vs. Seahawks @ Dolphins @ Bills (SNF) @ Commanders vs. Jets @ Raiders @ Cowboys vs. Commanders vs. Patriots BYE vs. Packers @ Saints @ Eagles vs. Rams vs. Eagles
New York Jets vs. Bills (MNF) @ Cowboys vs. Patriots vs. Chiefs (SNF) @ Broncos vs. Eagles BYE @ Giants vs. Chargers (MNF) @ Raiders (SNF) @ Bills vs. Dolphins vs. Falcons vs. Texans @ Dolphins vs. Commanders @ Browns (TNF) @ Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles @ Patriots vs. Vikings (TNF) @ Buccaneers (MNF) vs. Commanders @ Rams @ Jets vs. Dolphins (SNF) @ Commanders vs. Cowboys BYE @ Chiefs (MNF) vs. Bills vs. 49ers @ Cowboys (SNF) @ Seahawks vs. Giants vs. Cardinals @ Giants
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. 49ers vs. Browns (MNF) @ Raiders (SNF) @ Texans vs. Ravens BYE @ Rams vs. Jaguars vs. Titans (TNF) vs. Packers @ Browns @ Bengals vs Cardinals vs. Patriots (TNF) @ Colts vs. Bengals @ Seahawks @ Ravens
San Francisco 49ers @ Steelers @ Rams vs. Giants (TNF) vs. Cardinals vs. Cowboys @ Browns @ Vikings (MNF) vs. Bengals BYE @ Jaguars vs. Buccaneers @ Seahawks (TNF) @ Eagles vs. Seahawks @ Cardinals @ Ravens (MNF) @ Commanders vs. Rams
Seattle Seahawks vs. Rams @ Lions vs. Panthers @ Giants (MNF) BYE @ Bengals vs. Cardinals vs. Browns @ Ravens vs. Commanders @ Rams vs. 49ers (Thanksgiving) @ Cowboys (TNF) @ 49ers vs. Eagles @ Titans vs. Steelers @ Cardinals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Vikings vs. Bears vs. Eagles (MNF) @ Saints BYE vs. Lions vs. Falcons @ Bills (TNF) @ Texans vs. Titans @ 49ers @ Colts vs. Panthers @ Falcons @ Packers vs. Jaguars vs. Saints @ Panthers
Tennessee Titans @ Saints vs. Chargers @ Browns vs. Bengals @ Colts vs. Ravens (London) BYE vs. Falcons @ Steelers (TNF) @ Buccaneers @ Jaguars vs. Panthers @ Colts @ Dolphins (MNF) vs. Texans vs. Seahawks @ Texans vs. Jaguars
Washington Commanders vs. Cardinals @ Broncos vs. Bills @ Eagles vs. Bears (TNF) @ Falcons @ Giants vs. Eagles @ Patriots @ Seahawks vs. Giants @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving) vs. Dolphins BYE @ Rams @ Jets vs. 49ers vs. Cowboys