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Best and worst Monday Night Football matchups on 2023 NFL schedule

We break down the best and worst matchups for Monday Night Football in the 2023 NFL season.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love (10) rolls out during a game between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings on January 1, 2023 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NFL released the schedule for the 2023 regular season on Thursday, May 11. While we already knew the opponents for each team, we now get to see who will be duking it out in primetime. As such, the entire Monday Night Football slate has been set, with the caveat that the NFL’s new flexing rules would allow new matchups to be interchanged between Weeks 12 and 17 if a more competitive matchup were to present itself. For now, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst currently scheduled MNF matchups of the 2023 season.

The Best of MNF

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets, Week 1

Why not start off with a banger of a matchup? The schedule makers wasted little time in making sure that Aaron Rodgers has a primetime matchup to show how well he and the new-look Jets will fare in a marquee divisional game. While all eyes will be on New York, this is definitely a tough test for the Buffalo Bills to begin their season, and each team will not be able to take this one lightly.

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers, Week 6

This could be a great game between the Cowboys and the Chargers. It is still early in the season, but both teams are considered second-best in their respective divisions. They both made the playoffs last season and have high expectations for 2023. A big win in this competitive game could kickstart momentum through the middle of the season.

Los Angeles Chargers at New York Jets, Week 9

The Chargers get another nod on this list, as do the Jets. This game will be played at the halfway point of the season. Yes, there is some concern that Rodgers is completely washed, and this experiment with a new team absolutely bombs. I still think that there is intrigue with his matchup, and we get to see Justin Herbert and Rodgers duking it out.

Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs, Week 11

This one is a rematch from last year’s Super Bowl. That should say it all as Jalen Hurts looks for primetime revenge against Patrick Mahomes.

The Worst of MNF

Green Bay Packers at Las Vegas Raiders, Week 5

Obviously, the schedule was made after Aaron Rodgers was traded and Derek Carr was cut, but did anybody tell the schedule makers about the moves? At best, this matchup is Jordan Love against Jimmy Garoppolo, but at worst, it could be a middling Green Bay team against Brian Hoyer.

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants, Week 14

I know it is mean of me to double down with the Packers, but this matchup just screams flex if Jordan Love doesn’t pan out. If he does and the Giants are having the competitive season that everyone is expecting, this could be a competitive NFC battle with playoff implications. Currently, though, it is May, and I think by this point, it doesn’t end up being as good of a matchup as expected.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots, Week 15

How could the Chiefs play in a game in this section? Oh, against a poor New England team. Sure, the Patriots should be fine, but they are clearly the worst team in the AFC East heading into the season. Kansas City is projected to be their dominant self, and this game could end up being a snoozefest if the Pats have a losing record by the time this game comes around.

Baltimore Ravens at San Francisco 49ers, Week 16

I know I am being nitpicky here because this could end up being one of the better games by the end of the season. It ends up here just by asking who the quarterback for each team will be. Yes, Lamar Jackson is back with Baltimore, but he has missed at least five games in each of the last two seasons. The 49ers believe that Brock Purdy is the answer. So either they have found the definition of a diamond in the rough, or the scouting departments from every team, including San Fran, were correct in thinking that Purdy was someone to pass on. Trey Lance could be under center, but there is just a high potential for the Niners quarterback situation to be way more convoluted this season than people expect.