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2023 NFL schedule release info, leaks, rumors

The NFL is releasing its 2023 regular season schedule on Thursday, May 11. We break down all the news and rumors that are sure to leak ahead of the planned release time.

 Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles speaks with Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs at Footprint Center on February 6, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL schedule release is Thursday, 8 pm ET, on NFL Network. The show will run for three hours as the NFL squeezes every last ounce of hype out of putting dates to games. But, there will be plenty of leaks before then, maybe even a few from players’ moms!

Besides knowing the dates when a team plays another team, we’ll get details like how many times a team has to play on short rest or how many miles each team has to travel and when their byes are. You can glean some helpful information from the schedule release other than being able to book your flights!

We’ll keep a lookout for more as we close in on the official release.

Editor’s note: No team’s schedule should be considered official until formally announced by the NFL.

Week 1

Lions at Chiefs on TNF (announced)

Bills at Jets on MNF (announced)

Cowboys at Giants SNF (per Brandon Tierney)

Panthers at Falcons (per Zach Klein)

Packers at Bears (per Matt Schneidman)

Eagles at Patriots (per Adam Beasley, Zach Berman)

Bengals at Browns (per Daryl Ruiter)

49ers at Steelers (per Adam Crowley)

Cardinals at Commanders (per Nicki Jhabvala)

Titans at Saints (per Brooke Kirchhofer)

Raiders at Broncos (per Troy Renck)

Week 2

Eagles at Chiefs (per Donna Kelce) UPDATE: Mama Kelce appears to be incorrect. The teams will face off on MNF in Week 11)

Packers at Falcons (per Matt Schneidman)

Dolphins at Patriots (per Jordan Schultz)

Saints at Panthers MNF (per Joe Person)

Jets at Cowboys (per Brian Costello)

Giants at Cardinals (per NY Post)

Steelers vs. Browns (per Andrew Fillipponi)

Lions vs. Seahawks (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 3

Saints at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Steelers at Raiders (per Andrew Fillipponi)

Giants at 49ers TNF (per NY Post)

Lions vs. Falcons (per LionsRoyalty)

Cowboys at Cardinals (per Matt Owen)

Week 4

Falcons vs. Jaguars in London (announced)

Lions at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Vikings at Panthers (per Mike Wobschall)

Jets vs Chiefs SNF (per Brian Costello)

Steelers at Texans (per Andrew Fillipponi)

Giants vs. Seahawks MNF (per NY Post)

Cowboys vs. Patriots (per Matt Owen)

Week 5

Jaguars vs. Bills in London (announced)

Packers at Raiders (per Matt Schneidman)

Cowboys at 49ers (per ProFootballTalk)

Bears at Commanders on TNF (per JP Finlay)

Giants at Dolphins (per NY Post)

Lions at Panthers (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 6

Ravens vs. Titans in London (announced)

Vikings at Bears (per Ben Goessling)

Giants at Bills (per NY Post)

Lions at Buccaneers (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 7

Packers at Broncos (per Matt Schneidman)

Steelers at Rams (per Jack Hillgrove)

Giants at Commanders (per NY Post)

Bills at Patriots (per Mike Giardi)

Lions at Ravens (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 8

Jets at Giants (per Brandon Tierney)

Vikings at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Buccaneers at Bills TNF (per Matt Warren)

Lions vs. Raiders MNF (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 9

Dolphins vs. Chiefs in Germany (announced)

Rams at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Giants at Raiders (per NY Post)

Chargers at Jets MNF (per Brian Costello)

Cowboys at Eagles (per Matt Owen)

Week 10

Colts vs. Patriots in Germany (announced)

Packers at Steelers (per Matt Schneidman)

Giants at Cowboys (per NY Post)

Panthers at Bears MNF (per Joe Person)

Saints at Vikings (per John Hendrix)

Lions at Chargers (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 11

Chargers at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Chiefs at Eagles MNF (per Jeff McLane)

Steelers at Browns (per Andrew Fillipponi)

Giants vs. Commanders (per NY Post)

Cowboys at Panthers (per Joe Person)

Lions vs. Bears (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 12

Dolphins vs. Jets on Black Friday (announced)

Packers at Lions on Thanksgiving (per Matt Schneidman)

49ers at Seahawks on Thanksgiving (per Dave Mahler)

Commanders at Cowboys (per JP Finlay)

Giants vs. Patriots (per NY Post)

Bills vs. Eagles (per Matt Warren)

Week 13

49ers at Eagles (announced)

Chiefs at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Seahawks at Cowboys TNF (per Corbin Smith)

Lions at Saints (per LionsRoyalty)

Week 14

Packers at Giants (per Matt Schneidman)

Lions at Bears (per LionsRoyalty)

Cowboys vs. Eagles (per Matt Owen)

Week 15

Buccaneers at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Giants at Saints (per NY Post)

Lions vs. Broncos (per LionsRoyalty)

Cowboys at Bills (per Matt Owen)

Week 16

Giants at Eagles on Christmas (announced)

Raiders at Chiefs on Christmas (announced)

Packers at Panthers (per Matt Schneidman)

Commanders at Jets (per JP Finlay)

Patriots at Broncos (per Andrew Callahan)

Lions at Vikings (per LionsRoyalty)

Cowboys at Dolphins (per Matt Owen)

Week 17

Bengals vs. Chiefs (announced)

Packers at Vikings (per Matt Schneidman)

Rams at Giants (per NY Post)

Lions at Cowboys (per LionsRoyalty)

Jets at Brows (TNF) (per Brian Costello)

Week 18

Bears at Packers (per Matt Schneidman)

Cowboys at Commanders (per JP Finlay)

Giants vs. Eagles (per NY Post)

Lions vs. Vikings (per LionsRoyalty)