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DraftKings Reignmakers: What Reignmakers UFC Users Need to Know about Darkhorse Crafting Pack Hunt

Learn how to earn extra cash by ripping darkhorse fighter game cards from crafting packs!

Earn extra cash by getting your hands on CORE or LEGENDARY UFC Crafting Packs and chase the hunt card by ripping open Joaquim Silva fighter game cards. This fighter is scrappy and is looking to help you win big, if you can find him.

How the hunt works:

● Hunt began May 23, 2023

● Hunt ends at snapshot time on June 5, 2023 at 10 a.m. ET.

● Hunt cards are:

○ Darkhorse Fighter: Joaquim Silva CORE and LEGENDARY cards.

○ Cards must be pulled only from CORE and LEGENDARY crafting packs.

● Only the final user who holds the card in their portfolio at snapshot time is eligible for the prizing.

● You aren’t required to play the hunt card in Reignmakers UFC contests to win the DK cash, although you are free to do so. Just rip it from eligible crafting packs and hold it in your portfolio.

● Users that meet the requirements above can earn up to $2.4K — see payout details in the chart below:

Reignmakers UFC Darkhorse Hunt Prizing

Ripped Pack Type Card Prize Per Hunt Card Pulled
Ripped Pack Type Card Prize Per Hunt Card Pulled
CORE Crafting Pack Pull a CORE Joaquim Silva fighter game card $80 DK Cash Prize
LEGENDARY Crafting Pack Pull a LEGENDARY Joaquim Silva fighter game card $2.4K DK Cash Prize


Q: What if I pulled the hunt card during the eligibility window from the UFC Crafting Core or Legendary Pack but I sold it prior to the snapshot time, am I still eligible for the prize?

A: No, the card must be held at snapshot time in your portfolio to be eligible for the prizing. In this scenario only the final user holding the hunt card meeting all requirements in their portfolio at snapshot time would be eligible to receive prizing.

Q: Does it matter if I purchased the crafting pack via secondary marketplace and pulled a hunt card that meets the requirements?

A: No, both creating a crafting pack with a crafting recipe and secondary purchases of crafting packs are eligible as long as the card was ripped from those packs and met the requirements.

Probability Information

Remaining Joaquim Silva fighter game cards in UFC crafting packs and related probability info updated as of 10:30 a.m. ET on May 25, 2023.

Probability Information (as of 10:30 a.m. ET on 5/25/23)

Data Remaining Inventory Tier Remaining Inventory Tier
Data Remaining Inventory Tier Remaining Inventory Tier
Packs Available Via Crafitng 15824 202
Total Silva Minted 160 3
Silva Still in Packs 133 2
% to Pull Silva in Crafting 0.008404954499 0.009900990099
Unopened Packs (Crafting + Unopened) 15994 204

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