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Sabres vs. Islanders postponed with NHL pointing to weather, COVID-19 protocols

The Sabres and Islanders will not play on Tuesday.

A general view of the Buffalo Sabres logo on a jersey during the game against the Washington Capitals at KeyBank Center on January 14 , 2021 in Buffalo, New York. Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

The Buffalo Sabres were scheduled to face the New York Islanders on Tuesday, but the game has been postponed. The NHL released a statement stating that Monday weather conditions delayed travel and impacted COVID-19 protocols requiring a postponement.

“Due to weather conditions yesterday, the Sabres altered their travel schedule so as to fly today to New York. So that required COVID contact tracing and testing protocols can be completed appropriately, the decision has been made to re-schedule the game for a future date.”

Sabres reporter John Vogl initially reported the postponement was not weather-related and tweeted that “Buffalo is furious” and demanding more information. The NHL’s statement indicates the weather implicated COVID-19 protocols. This could all just be splitting hairs on this, but we’ll likely hear more from the various parties.