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When, where are the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

We take a look at the location and schedule of events for the 2021 Summer Olympics.

This picture shows a large-scale reproduction of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games gold medal as part of the Olympic Agora event at Mitsui Tower in Tokyo on July 14, 2021. Photo by PHILIP FONG/AFP via Getty Images

While they’ve been pushed back a year thanks to a global pandemic, and there won’t be many fans (if any) in the stands at some venues, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games from Tokyo will take place from July 21st until August 8th.

Though the Games are one year behind schedule, they’ll be basically the same as was originally planned for last year. While the Opening Ceremonies aren’t until July 23rd, you’ll be able to see plenty of action in the two days before as athletes in soccer, softball, and several other sports compete even ahead of the official beginning of the Games.

Most events will take place in the Tokyo metropolitan area, with the overwhelming majority within a 10 mile radius of the Olympic Village that sits right in the middle of Tokyo’s seaside Harumi district. There are over 40 venues being used, including soccer matches in stadia across the country.

Four completely new sports will be introduced; surfing, karate, sport climbing, and skateboarding. You’ll also see baseball and softball return to the Olympic program, and 3x3 basketball will take place as well (though the USA men failed to qualify in that sport).

But all events will wrap up ahead of the Closing Ceremonies on August 8th in Tokyo in the Olympic Stadium, which will also host the Opening Ceremonies as well as track and field.