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Mixed doubles curling standings at 2022 Beijing Olympics

The curlers are on the ice even before the Opening Ceremonies of the 2022 Olympic Games. We see who’s in the lead so far.

Chris Plys and Vicky Persinger of the United States of America compete against Russia’s team during the play-off in the mixed-team curling qualifying tournament for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Photo by VINCENT JANNINK/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Mixed doubles curling is a bit different than the men’s and women’s team curling you’ll see at the Olympics. Instead of teams of four throwing eight stones per end, in mixed doubles you’ll see teams of two throwing five stones. The team can choose whether the male or female team member shoots the first and last stone, or the second, third, and fourth stone. Also teams will only play eight ends instead of the usual ten.

After all 10 teams play each other in a round robin format, the top four will advance to the semifinals on Tuesday, February 7th.

Here are the final standings after the curling competition at the 2022 Beijing Olympics:

Italy (Stefania Constantini & Amos Mosaner): 9-0 *
Great Britain (Jennifer Dodds & Bruce Mouat): 6-3*
Norway (Kristin Skaslien & Magnus Nedregotten): 6-3*
Sweden (Almida de Val & Oskar Eriksson): 5-4*
Canada (Rachel Homan & John Morris): 5-4^
Czech Republic (Zuzana Paulova & Tomas Paul): 4-5^
Switzerland (Jenny Perret & Martin Rios): 3-6^
United States (Vicky Persinger & Chris Plys): 3-6^
China (Suyuan Fan & Zhi Ling): 2-7^
Australia (Tahli Gill & Dean Hewitt): 2-7^

* Qualified for medal round semifinals
^ Eliminated from medal round semifinals