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A betting preview of Olympic curling with the Rocks Across The Pond podcast

The best curling podcast on the internet is your guide to winning cash on your favorite Winter Olympics sport.

If you’re excited to watch people slide rocks halfway across the world while making a few bucks wagering on the outcome, this is the best Olympics post you’ll ever see.

Ryan McGhee of the Rocks Across The Pond podcast joins us to break down the rules, odds, and so much more you’ll want and need to know about America’s favorite Winter Olympic sport every four years.

Will American flag bearer John Shuster be able to repeat as skip of Team USA? Who are the dark horses to watch in the mixed doubles, men’s and women’s fields? And what are the betting patterns and things to look for so can you bring home the most cash while staying up until 4:00 a.m. to watch chess on ice from halfway across the world.

Need even more depth in your Intro To Curling 101 class? Check out the Curling Explained preview of Beijing and the sport as a whole at Rocks Across The Pond. You won’t find better information or coverage anywhere.

And if you’ve still got questions or are looking for betting picks during the games, follow @CurlingPodcast on Twitter and fire away. It’s the biggest event for the sport, and those that love it are here to help the newbies fall in love with it as much as they have.