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How much money will winner of 100 meter dash get at World Athletics Championships

You’ve got to make the final to get paid, and it’s a big spread between first and eighth place.

Su Bingtian 2nd R of China competes during the men’s 100m heat at the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 in Eugene, Oregon, the United States, July 15, 2022. Photo by Wu Xiaoling/Xinhua via Getty Images

The winner of the 100 meter dash at the 2022 World Athletics Championships will likely have a bigger spotlight on them than the triple jump or hammer throw gold medalist. And their sponsorship deals will likely be much more lucrative as well.

But the Direct Deposit will be the same, as all winners at the IAAF World Championships receive the same amount of cash. In the eyes of the governing body, all the gold medals are the same and pay the same. And that applies equally to both the men’s and women’s competitions.

Also if the world record is broken in any event at Oregon ‘22, a special sponsorship from electronics firm TDK will add on an additional $100,000 to the winning athlete. That should be a lot of incentive for the field event athletes to really go for in their fifth and sixth attempts to break the height and distance records available.

Here’s the payout for winning the 100 meter dash, or any other event, at the 2022 World Athletics Championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon:

Individual event prize money

Gold: $70,000
Silver: $35,000
Bronze: $22,000
Fourth place: $16,000
Fifth place: $11,000
Sixth place: $7000
Seventh place: $6000
Eighth place: $5000