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Worlds Fantasy League of Legends (LOL) Picks: Suning vs. Damwon Gaming DraftKings DFS Showdown Strategy

Nikhil Kalro shares his captain’s picks and flex options for Saturday morning’s League of Legends (Worlds) DraftKings DFS Showdown, which locks at 6:00 a.m. ET.

League of Legends – 2020 Worlds: Media-Day Photo by Lintao Zhang/Riot Games via Getty Images

The final of Worlds is here. Korea’s Damwon Gaming begins as heavy favorites against China’s Suning. Here is a look at the players you might want to consider in your DraftKings roster from Saturday’s Showdown.

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Captain’s choices

Ghost ($17,100)

Ghost’s consistency has been a sight to watch. He has maintained a steady KDA right through this competition, which is a testament to his defensive skill in the lanes. He has a death rate of just 1.31 per map over a period of 13 maps. Offensively, he has been rather solid offensively, averaging 3.54 kills per game. That has built his KDA to 7.94.

ShowMaker ($16,500)

ShowMaker is coming off a rather stellar LCK split. That was such an impressive season for him because he outclassed almost all his counterparts in the bottom lane. That’s how he has built his fantasy average to 79.4 DKFP per game, the highest on this slate. In terms of his Worlds performance, he has been typically solid with 3.69 kills, 1.38 deaths and 6.23 assists per game, which has pushed his KDA over 7, to 7.17.

Canyon ($14,400)

Normally, it would make sense to consider a mid or bot laner as Captain, even if it is from the weaker team. In this case, that doesn’t hold true because of Canyon’s unmatched form. He has the best KDA in the entire tournament (8.11). He has done the simple things well and has kept a low death rate (1.38 per map) while being too strong offensively in team engagements (4.92 per game). As a result, he is the only player at Worlds to average a KDA of over 8.

Others to consider: huanfeng ($15,900)

Flex options

SofM ($9,000)

One of Suning’s biggest strengths at Worlds has been SofM’s skill in the jungle. He has flanked quite seamlessly into team engagements. His disengagement game has also been noteworthy. That’s how he has created his fantasy value. He has averaged just 2.2 deaths per map. For a jungler, that’s indicative of a strong defensive game.

Nuguri ($8,000)

There won’t be too many other top laners at Worlds that possess a KDA of 4.3. Nuguri has a decent K/D ratio, which is the first item in a checklist for a top laner in fantasy League of Legends. He has generated some stunning returns because of his assists, racking up an average of 7.15 assists per game at Worlds.

DAMWON Gaming ($6,600)

This could be a controversial pick in a League of Legends Showdown. However, you could use the strategy of going captain-heavy and flex-light. That means you won’t necessarily have the budget to draft the picks you want in flex. DAMWON Gaming has been the team to beat at Worlds right through this competition, especially after dropping just one map combined in the quarterfinals (3-0 against Dragon X) and the semifinals (3-1 against G2 Esports).

Others to consider: SwordArt ($7,000)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.