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Madden Stream Picks: Patriots vs. Cowboys DraftKings DFS Showdown Strategy

Steve Buchanan provides game-script analysis and Captain’s Picks for DraftKings’ Patriots vs. Cowboys Madden Stream contest, which takes place at 8:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 30.

Even with the NBA and MLB returning, DraftKings continues to provide Madden simulations with a variety of teams going at it. For this piece, we’ll focus on the Patriots vs. Cowboys matchup, which will take place at 8:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, July 30.

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Note: All salaries will be Flex prices unless noted as Captain’s Pick prices


New England Patriots

This game features two completely different offenses and how they handle the workload. On the Patriots’ side, we have Tom Brady ($11,400), who is content with staying in the pocket and chucking the ball. Even without the aid of being mobile, Brady still has the highest DKFP among everyone in this game at 19, which is honestly remarkable. Brady is averaging 248 passing yards with 87 touchdowns thrown and only nine interceptions. He’s so incredibly good at spreading the ball around that he remains such an excellent play in this game, even with the mobile Dak Prescott on the other side.

When Brady is throwing the ball, one of his primary targets remains his TE1 in Ben Watson ($6,600), who is so ridiculously cheap in this game it’s essentially a crime to not play him. Watson is averaging an insane 5.3 receptions, 67.7 yards and 16 touchdowns scored. Seeing that type of volume is unheard of for someone this cheap, so unless you’re trying to make a statement by not using him, take the discount. The salary stands out even more when you consider Julian Edelman ($9,600), who is the WR1 in this offense, is averaging 4.7 receptions and 54 receiving yards but is $3,000 more. Sure, he has the touchdown advantage with 27 on the season but truly, Watson is a steal (if you haven’t figured that out already). Mohamed Sanu ($6,400) isn’t the flashiest name on this slate but he’s scored 20 times to go with 3.6 receptions and 53.8 yards. He’s one of the riskier players in this price range because he can easily toss him a single-digit fantasy night if he’s not scoring, something that’s occurred in three-straight games. Nonetheless, he’s an active player in the red zone. Finally, Phillip Dorsett ($5,400) was a much more attractive option when he was down in the low $4K range, so I’m not going out of my way to take him at his current price. His speed is one of the best in the game but his volume is not with only 2.7 receptions and 49 yards per game.

James White ($7,800) is one of the cheaper RB1 you’ll find in these simulations that excels in both the passing game and on the ground. He’s certainly no Zeke Elliott, but White is averaging 82.1 scrimmage yards per game with 18 touchdowns scored, six of which have come through the air. If you can’t afford Elliott, I think White is more than enough to make up the difference.

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Dallas Cowboys

On the Cowboys’ side, Dak Prescott ($10,800) is doing a lot of the work himself and has become a bit of a ball hog. Averaging just 171 passing yards, Prescott has been running the ball a ton and has bumped his rushing average to 47.5 per game with 10 touchdowns scored. This takes away from the production of his receivers and it’s hard to feel good about taking any of them with his lack of pass attempts. In fact, two games ago against the Texans, Prescott ran the ball for 112 yards while scoring his 10th touchdown. Taking Prescott alone is an option and one I expect to be used heavily used.

Unlike the Patriots, I don’t have a ton of Cowboys receivers I’m looking to get onto my roster. With five lineups at your disposal, you certainly have multiple ways to build and you should go heavy on them at least once to get some exposure. For the most part though, these guys will be left on the board for me. Amari Cooper ($8,400) is way too expensive for me because of his crazy inconsistency and he’ll be drawing tough coverage against CB Stephon Gilmore. He’s averaging just 3.3 receptions, 47.6 yards and 21 touchdowns scored. Aside from the touchdowns, not exactly numbers I’d want from the WR1. Michael Gallup ($6,200) isn’t much better with his 2.5 receptions and 28 yards per game. I don’t understand how he can be priced in the same range as Watson and Sanu, so this is another easy fade. Jason Witten ($6,800) does draw some appeal and has one of the better individual matchups of the Cowboys receivers. He’s seeing decent volume with 3.6 receptions, 40 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns scored. Witten feels like one of the “safer” plays among the group. Randall Cobb ($4,800) has a low salary but he’s priced appropriately, as he’s rarely seeing double-digit fantasy outputs.

Ezekiel Elliott ($9,000) is by far the Cowboy to pay up for other than Prescott. In a perfect world, I’d only have exposure to these two but I fully believe that’ll be the chalk build. Nonetheless, he’s averaging 90.4 scrimmage yards with 27 touchdowns scored, all of which have come on the ground. James White does have the slight upside with his ability to grab a passing touchdown but at least in terms of overall yardage, Elliott is the play here.


Both quarterbacks have their upside and a reason to be your captain but I don’t think you needed me to tell you that, so I’ll give you my two favorite captain options aside from Brady and Prescott. Ben Watson ($9,900) is so insanely cheap that you have to captain him in at least one lineup. It’s going to be a chalky play but he really gives you a lot of flexibility for the rest of your roster. I also like using Mohamed Sanu ($9,600) in the hopes he can reach the end zone. For someone that scores as often as he does, his captain ownership is going to be extremely low.

Final Score: Patriots 27, Cowboys 24

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