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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (Worlds) Top DraftKings LOL DFS Targets for September 27

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Sunday’s League of Legends (Worlds) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 4:00 a.m. ET.

2017 World Championship Play-In Stage Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games via Getty Images

LGD Gaming is under pressure as upsets abound at the World Championship. There is a lot at stake in Sunday’s LoL Worlds. We break down DraftKings’ main slate with suggestions for your roster.

Set your DraftKings lineups here: LOL $40K Shock Blast [$10K to 1st] (LPL)


Kramer ($11,700)

LGD’s tournament is on the line. Kramer has to find his rhythm or LGD might be out of Worlds. With respect to Kramer, he has been way below par in this competition so far. In two games, he has an average of 3 kills, 2 deaths and 0.5 assists. That lack of form has been a discernible reason for LGD’s 0-2 start to Worlds so far.

Others to consider: Xiye ($11,400)


BOSS ($6,400)

BOSS has generated some stunning returns already. He has the second-best KDA on Unicorns of Love with 6.5. That has been built on 5 kills, 2 deaths and 8 assists per game. For a top laner, those are terrific numbers. This sample size is small, but his stats over this calendar year are not far off.

Others to consider: Acce ($6,000)


Peanut ($7,200)

The only question worth asking for this selection is if the price is worth the splurge for a jungler? Peanut has not had a good tournament so far, which makes that question even more rational. Occasionally, especially in League of Legends fantasy, it’s worth just taking a punt on an instinct. LGD will need him to flank into engagements and lower his death rate, which he will do well, in my opinion.

Others to consider: AHaHaCiK ($6,800)


Xiye ($7,600)

Like the rest of the LGD roster, Xiye has struggled as well. He, like Peanut, has averaged 1.5 kills, 4 deaths and 4 assists per game so far. However, LGD is on their home ground, with the Worlds being held in an NBA-like bubble in China. That should inspire LGD to pick up the intensity after a poor start. It could start with the mid laner.

Others to consider: Nomanz ($7,400)


Gadget ($7,600)

Gadget has had a tremendous year so far. His body of work has already been quite impressive. His kill participation rate in this Worlds competition has been no different (13.5 with 4.5 kills and 9 assists per game). However, he is also averaging 4 deaths per game. He would like to improve that defensive metric to generate real value.

Others to consider: Archer ($7,200)


SaNTas ($5,200)

SaNTas has carried off from where he left off in the LCL. He has already racked up 22 assists per game in this tournament in just two games. He has also chipped in with 5 kills. For a support player, that’s game-changing. It’s unsurprising UoL has a 2-0 record to start this competition. He even has a KDA of 13.5 comfortably the highest in his team.


LGD Gaming ($5,600)

If you have the budget to spend on Team, then LGD Gaming is the rather obvious choice. In two games, the team has started off with a 0-2 record. There comes a point when a team just has to win, even so early in the play-in. This will be that game for LGD Gaming.

Set your DraftKings lineups here: LOL $40K Shock Blast [$10K to 1st] (LPL)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.