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Fantasy Esports Picks: CS:GO (ESL) Top DraftKings DFS Targets for September 9

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Wednesday morning’s CS:GO (ESL) DraftKings DFS slate, which locks at 8:00 a.m. ET.

Girl Gamer Esports Festival - Day Two Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images

Professional CS:GO has changed so much in the online format that players like Ropz and Device are unbelievably inexpensive on DraftKings’ slate for Wednesday’s ESL Pro League games. We take a look at some players that could make your roster for Wednesday.

Set your DraftKings lineups here: CS:GO $30K Clutch [$10K to 1st] (ESL)


Zywoo ($13,800)

There is only one factor working against Zywoo in this game. His team Vitality is up against a quality team in Astralis. However, Vitality was beaten 2-1 in the previous game by Spirit. Despite the loss, Zywoo had these numbers: 81 kills and 62 deaths, with a K-D of +19 and an ADR of 91.6. He was typically stunning with the AWP, which included four AWP kills in a single round in the second map.

Others to consider: BlameF ($14,400)

High-priced flex options

BlameF ($9,600)

This price for BlameF seems a little high, but he is certainly worth the investment if you have the budget. That holds true, at least from a form perspective. He led the absolute annihilation of Ninjas in Pyjamas in the previous game with 47 kills and 22 deaths (a K-D of +25). No other player had a positive K-D of more than 10. He even had an average damage per round of 93.8 in that performance.

Yuurih ($9,400)

It can be argued that there are other players from Furia that could provide more value than $9,400 for Yuurih. However, there is also a case to be made for Yuurih’s powerful combination of form and experience. That surely beckons a higher price. Yuurih has certainly found his form with the long-range weapons in the last few weeks. He is even averaging 61.2 DKFP per game.

Mir ($8,400)

It takes a lot to upstage the might of Zywoo. It takes even more to do so when Zywoo has a K-D of +19. Mir went head-to-head and came out as the winner, leading Spirit to a terrific win in the previous game. Mir had 82 kills and 60 deaths with an average damage per round of 93.9. His proficiency with the AK was almost the sole reason for Spirit eventually turning up as the winner.

Others to consider: arT ($10,200).

Value flex options

Device ($7,000)

This is plausibly the most unfathomable price of this slate. Device for a price of $7,000 is an absolute steal. He has dominated the offensive charts for Astralis for months. Sure, he has not quite had the same level of output as his usual standards but $7,000 is far too low for a player of his caliber. In the previous matchup, against Faze, Device had 37 kills and 24 deaths with a K-D of +13.

Ropz ($7,400)

This is another bargain purchase. Ropz has been, in my opinion, the best player in Mousesports this year. He has displayed a calm demeanour in the face of immense pressure, particularly with the loss of form for Frozen ($6,000). He is coming off a solid game against Fnatic, in which he had 64 kills and 60 deaths.

Others to consider: Magisk ($7,800), Frozen ($6,000)

Set your DraftKings lineups here: CS:GO $30K Clutch [$10K to 1st] (ESL)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.