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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (LCK-LPL) Top DraftKings DFS Targets for January 31

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Sunday morning’s League of Legends (LCK-LPL) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 3:00 a.m. ET.

2020 League of Legends All-Stars Day 2 Photo by David Lee/Riot Games/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images

Top Esports returns to action in the LPL, while T1 will be desperate for some momentum after a sluggish start to spring. Will that impact your roster construction? Let’s take a look at some considerations for your team from Sunday’s four-game DraftKings slate.

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JackeyLove ($11,700)

JackeyLove is the most prolific killing weapon across both the LPL and the LCK. If you extend that, he is arguably the best offensive player in the world, based on his current form. Even though Top Esports will face a tricky JD Gaming, that won’t change his lane aggression. He is leading the LPL in kills (6.67 per map) with a KDA of 5.2 and a creep score of 309.

Others to consider: Knight ($11,100)


Canna ($6,400)

Canna’s kill to death ratio is below one (2.36 kills and 2.71 deaths). He has overextended in the top lane this season, which has resulted in a few unnecessary deaths. However, with 5.07 assists per map, there is still plenty of value despite his aggressive template in a slower league. His efficiency and KDA will only improve as this split progresses.

Others to consider: 369 ($6,200)


Peanut ($6,600)

If you’re looking for solid returns, Peanut is a reliable jungler for your roster. He has typically steady numbers this season: 2 kills, 1.83 deaths and 5.25 assists with a KDA of 3.95. Peanut will never be flashy in the jungle. Instead, his preferred modus operandi is to bide his time before flanking into team fights at the opportune moment.

Others to consider: Haro ($6,400)


Knight ($7,400)

As explained previously, it wouldn’t be a shrewd strategy to leave Knight out entirely. He has been one of the best middle-laners in Asia, which is evident from his incredible kill consistency. This season has been no different as he has racked up 3.89 kills and 5.78 assists at a terrific KDA of 5.44. He is averaging 71.9 DKFP per game, the highest for any mid laner on this slate.

Others to consider: FoFo ($7,800)


Loken ($6,800)

This is an against-the-trend selection and a bit of an instinct play. Here’s the technical reason. Top Esports is one of the most aggressive teams in the lanes. That aggression has left them vulnerable to certain situations, such as a baron steal or an unprotected inhibitor. Loken is no pushover in the bottom lane — he has managed 5.13 kills per game so far. He could capitalize if Top Esports is complacent.

Others to consider: iBoy ($8,000)


Keria ($5,400)

Even in 2020, Keria was a dependable support player to his AD Carry, generating several assists in a short span ahead of the spawning of neutral objectives. This season, he has managed 8.21 assists per game, fairly reflecting his consistency in the LCK.


T1 ($5,600)

T1 has had a bit of a disappointing spring split so far, at least by its usual standards. In 14 maps, T1 has won just seven. Afreeca Freecs ($4,200) is not quite at the same skill level as T1, though. Form wise, there is a slight variance with Afreeca winning just five of 11 maps. T1 should move back over .500 on Sunday.

Set your DraftKings fantasy League of Legends lineups here: LCK-LPL $40K Shock Blast [$10K to 1st]

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.