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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (LCK-LPL) Top DraftKings DFS Targets for February 5

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Friday morning’s League of Legends (LCK-LPL) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 3:00 a.m. ET.

2018 Worlds Play-In Day 3 Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games via Getty Images

With four more games coming from the LCK and LPL, we take a look at some plays to consider for your DraftKings roster from Friday’s League of Legends slate below.

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Ghost ($11,700)

Despite Viper’s form (Captain’s price of $12,000), Ghost has a better matchup against Liiv Sandbox. He has been typically solid in the bottom lane for DWG Kia this season, producing 4.14 kills and 4 assists. While that kill participation isn’t as high as others in the LPL, he differentiates himself with his efficiency in team fights. He has a KDA of 5.7 with just 1.43 deaths per game.

Others to consider: Viper ($12,000)


Rascal ($6,400)

Consider this rule of thumb in LCK-LPL slates: find a reason to pick your top laner from the LCK and your bot laner from the LPL. This is because a top laner should ideally have a lower death rate, which is achieved in the LCK because of the slower pace. Rascal exemplifies that with 2.72 kills and just 2.17 deaths per game.

Others to consider: Khan ($6,800)


SofM ($6,400)

SofM hasn’t had a bad season at all. Still, his price has reduced drastically because of a tricky matchup against EDward Gaming. Even though he has a kill to death ratio of below 1.0 (1.69 kills and 2.85 deaths), he has compensated for that with his assist rate of 7.08 per map. He has built his KDA to 3.08 in spring.

Others to consider: Clid ($6,600)


ShowMaker ($7,800)

Apart from G2 Esports’ Caps and Top Esports’ Knight, ShowMaker has been the standout mid laner in the world in the last few months. That’s reason enough not to leave him out of your roster on this slate. He also has a team-leading KDA of 7 in spring so far, built on 3.36 kills, 1.29 deaths and 5.64 assists per game. He even has a creep score of 306 this season.

Others to consider: Scout ($7,600)


Viper ($8,000)

In keeping with the aforementioned rule of thumb for LCK-LPL slates, my pick for bot laner is from the LPL. Viper has averaged 5.71 kills per game in spring, fourth best in the LPL. He has even kept his death rate quite low (1.71), which has had an impactful bearing on his KDA of 6.13. He is even leading the LPL in creep score this season (359.5) and gold collection (16.k per game).

Others to consider: Ruler ($7,600)


ON ($4,600)

EDward Gaming has won 12 of 14 maps this season but the team can often be guilty of overextending, which was one of the reasons for an unpredictable 2020. That can leave some gaping holes in team fights, which ON could capitalize on. He has managed 7.62 assists per game this season.


Gen.G ($5,200)

Gen.G has been a bit inconsistent this season, at least by its usual standards, with just 11 wins in 18 maps. The team has also used seven players this season. Still, there is far too much depth, quality and skill in that roster not to overcome a decent Nongshim RedForce ($4,000) team on Friday.

Set your DraftKings fantasy League of Legends lineups here: LCK-LPL $40K Shock Blast [$10K to 1st]

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.