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Coinbase NFT Marketplace Launch Partners

Here you can find all of Coinbase’s NFT marketplace launch partners.

±±±The world is expanding, and DraftKings is expanding along with it. As NFTs continue to grow, these daily articles will serve as a hub for the latest news and notes in the space.

In case you are new to the Metaverse, check out my quick breakdown on what NFTs are and how they work. For those looking to get in the game, read my article on how to set up a MetaMask wallet.

Coinbase NFT Launch Partners

One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms announced its plan to launch an NFT marketplace back in October, leaving metaverse enthusiasts eagerly awaiting a potential competitor for OpenSea.

As Coinbase continues to ramp up to a launch, the company has announced partners for its marketplace in waves on the Coinbase NFT Twitter account.

Keep an eye on this article as we track all of the launch partners for this monumental project:

Coinbase NFT Launch Partners

Project Name Twitter Handle
Project Name Twitter Handle
Long Neckie Ladies @LongNeckieLady
Doodles @doodles
HAPE @HAPEsocial
Rewind Collective @rwdcollective
Pudgy Penguins @Pudgy_Penguins
Lazy Lions @LazyLionsNFT
KaijuKingz @KaijuKingz
Capsule House @capsule_house
Sneaky Vampire Syndicate @SVSNFT
N/A - Artist @lethabohuma
Dead Fellaz @Deadfellaz
N/A - Artist @Jose_Delbo
Chain Runners @chain_runners
N/A - Artist @JimenaBuenaVida
Boss Beauties @BossBeautiesNFT
OnChainMonkey @OnChainMonkey
flash mints @flash_mints
Stoner Cats @stonercatstv
smilesss @smilesssvrs
gangland skulls @eddiegangland
N/A - Artist @mumbot
N/A - Artist @AdamBombSquad
Pop Wonder @PopWonderNFT
Rumble Kong League @RumbleKongs
Hashmasks @TheHashmasks
N/A - Artist @JYatrofsky
ON1 Force @0n1Force
BAEIGE @baeige1
888InnerCircle @888InnerCircle
cool cats @coolcatsnft
N/A - Artist @amber_vittoria
N/A - Artist @bychiaraalexa
XorART @xorart
World of Women @Worldofwomennft
pplpleasr @pplpleasr1
N/A - Artist @sabet
N/A - Artist @trevorjonesart
Metasaurs by Dr. DMT @metasaurs
N/A - Artist @yosnier_
Bubblegum Kids @bubblegumkids_
N/A - Artist @camibusNFT
N/A - Artist @pixelvault_
Guttercatgang @GutterCatGang
CloneX @RTFKTstudios
MekaVerse @MekaVerse
Looks Rare @LooksrareNFT
Azuki @AzukiZen
SeerLight @SeerLight
Cath Simard @cathsimard_
Women Rise NFT @WomenRiseNFT
Matt Gondek @MattGondek
United Masters @unitedmasters
RTFKT studios @RTFKTstudios
TheDogePound @TheDogePoundNFT
CryptoBatz @CryptoBatzNFT
Victor Mosquera(Artist) @VictorMosquerar
Staple Verse @Jeffstaple
@VarvaraAlay(Artist) @FlowerGirlsNFT

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