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How a Bettor Turned $50 Into Over $40,000 With an NFL Same Game Parlay Bet on DraftKings Sportsbook

Zach Thompson breaks down how a sports bettor turned a $50 bet into a huge profit with an NFL SGP on DraftKings Sportsbook.

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Super Wild Card Weekend was full of twists and turns with plenty of excitement in almost every matchup. It culminated on Monday Night Football with the Dallas Cowboys getting a 31-14 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While there was plenty of excitement all weekend, one bettor had extra reasons to celebrate Monday’s outcome. A $50 Same Game Parlay combined five picks on DraftKings Sportsbook and took home a massive $40,050.

Here are all the picks, and scroll down further for a full analysis of how the events of the game played out to result in this winner getting the bag.

  • DAL Cowboys Moneyline
  • Tom Brady 2+ Passing Touchdowns
  • Chris Godwin Over 74.5 Receiving Yards
  • Leonard Fournette Under 14.5 Receiving Yards
  • Dalton Schultz 1st Touchdown Scorer

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Before we dive in, just a quick reminder that a Parlay Bet is a bet placed on multiple outcomes to occur. A Parlay Bet cashes when all outcomes within the parlay are selected correctly. You can learn more about how they work in the DraftKings Sportsbook How To Bet Guide!

As many parlays do, this one began with the most straight-up of all picks and selected the winner of the game. This bettor selected the Cowboys Moneyline, and Dallas didn’t leave much drama in that pick, scoring the first four touchdowns of the game and cruising to a comfortable win.

However, before the game kicked off, there were some obstacles that the Cowboys had to overcome. Until Monday night, they had never beaten Tom Brady in his career and they had dropped eight straight road playoff games. They were also coming off a lackluster performance against the Commanders in Week 18. This bettor tuned out all that noise, though, and got started on their path to glory by picking the Cowboys to get the “Big dubs.”

How the Cowboys built their big lead was critical to this Same Game Parlay’s success. One of the five picks was Dalton Schultz as the first touchdown scorer. The Cowboys did get the ball first but went three-and-out on each of their first two possessions while never targeting Schultz. Tampa Bay’s offense also sputtered out of the starting blocks, going three-and-out on each of their first possessions as well.

It wasn’t until the Cowboys' third possession of the game that either team got a first down. Later in the drive, with 6:28 remaining in the first quarter, Dak Prescott hit Schultz with the 22-yard touchdown strike in the highlight below, making him the first touchdown scorer of the game.

The other three picks in the parlay all had to do with the Buccaneers. To hit all three, Tom Brady had to throw at least two scores, Chris Godwin had to have over 74.5 yards receiving and Leonard Fournette had to have under 14.5 receiving yards.

Tampa’s offense looked like it would offer nothing but unders in the early going, managing only five punts, an interception and 150 yards of total offense over their first seven possessions.

As a result of the game situation and the struggles of the offense, Fournette’s under was fairly comfortable. He was only targeted once all game while playing behind Rachaad White most of the night. White played 56% of the Bucs’ offensive snaps while Fournette only played 43%. His lone target did result in a catch that went for six yards midway through the third quarter. Since he wasn’t targeted again, he stayed under his 14.5 receiving yards.

Unlike Fournette’s prop, Godwin had to reach the over to deliver the win on his leg of the parlay. He had plenty of opportunities and he was targeted a team-high 13 times. He had 46 yards at halftime and 71 at the end of the third quarter. On the Bucs’ first play of the fourth quarter, Brady hit Godwin for a seven-yard gain that put him over the prop with 10:07 remaining in the game.

The last of the props to hit, aside from the Cowboys holding on to win and Fournette not catching more passes, was Brady’s 2+ passing touchdowns. Tampa Bay hadn’t scored at all until Brady hit Julio Jones in stride at the end of the third quarter for his first touchdown of the night.

On their first possession of the fourth quarter, the Bucs were set up at the two-yard line with a first and goal. Brady threw two incompletions and took a sack before throwing an incomplete pass to turn the ball over on downs with 6:25 remaining. That could have been the end for this parlay and for the Bucs, but Dallas couldn’t put the game away, going three-and-out and giving Brady another opportunity.

Trailing 31-6, Brady led the Bucs 52 yards in 2:39 to get his second passing touchdown of the game. He converted a fourth-and-4 on the thirteen-yard line with a short pass to Julio Jones before hitting Cameron Brate with what may be his final touchdown in a Buccaneers uniform and possibly in his career.

While Brady’s future is still to be determined, the Cowboys are on to the next round and this bettor is walking away with over $40K after that touchdown meant that all five legs of the Same Game Parlay hit. As Dallas gears up to head on the road to San Francisco next week, you can get ready to celebrate the Divisional Round by heading over to DraftKings Sportsbook and building your own Same Game Parlay today!

Same Game Parlay (SGP) is available on DraftKings Sportsbook for multiple sports! To place a SGP:

  1. Find a game that has a +SGP icon in the top-left corner.
  2. Toggle “Same Game Parlay” on. Once it’s on, all available bets will appear.
  3. Build your Same Game Parlay. Combine multiple bets together from one game. The more bets you combine, the more you can win.
  4. Place your parlay. Add your Same Game Parlay to your bet slip, enter your wager amount, and submit your bet.

Read more about SGP at the DraftKings Sportsbook SGP page!