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The GM Shuffle: Aaron Rodgers intends to play for Jets — when will it be official?

Michael Lombardi and Femi Abebefe discuss the latest in the saga involving the future of the Hall of Fame QB.

Aaron Rodgers said on Wednesday that he INTENDS to play for the New York Jets next season. However, it’s still not a done deal. When will it become official?

On Monday’s episode of The GM Shuffle podcast, Michael Lombardi and Femi Abebefe talked about the Rodgers saga and Michael said at this point the stunning news wouldn’t be that he winds up with the Jets. He said the stunning news would be if Rodgers were to retire, which after Wednesday’s developments seems more and more unlikely.

Femi thinks, and Michael agreed, that based on all the talk from the Packers side in the past tense, that perhaps the trade package is basically done and the hold up is on Rodgers and the Jets to figure out his contract. Michael also asked: Who are the Jets competing with at this point for Rodgers’ services?

Michael said he thinks the deal will have to come together quickly for cap reasons and that Rodgers will want to bring in some personnel that he feels comfortable with, which would be proven to be the case as reported by Diana Russini of ESPN on March 14.

Show Breakdown

On The GM Shuffle, host Michael Lombardi and Femi Abebefe break down the Panthers trade for the No. 1 overall pick and which QB he thinks they will take. Plus, Jalen Ramsey is headed to Miami, Aaron Rodgers is still mulling his decision and NFL free agency begins with the legal tampering period open.

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