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UFC 276: How did Alexander Volkanovksi do in his last fight?

Ahead of Saturday’s UFC 276 showdown, we take a look at Alexander Volkanovksi’s last bout in the octagon.

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UFC 276 will take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, July 2. The main event will be Alexander Volkanovksi defending his UFC featherweight championship against No. 1 ranked Max Holloway. The four-card main event will be shown on ESPN+ PPV starting at 10 p.m.

Volkanovski won his last fight against the Korean Zombie in the fourth round via KO 45 seconds into the round. He landed the majority of the significant strikes in the bout. He landed 73 percent of his headshots, seven percent of body shots, and 18 percent of the leg shots. Volkanovski was in complete control of the fourth round and landed four straight face shots that left the Korean Zombie unable to defend himself.

The current featherweight champion (24-1) controlled his last fight and when looking at the round-by-round breakdown, he landed at least 60 percent of his strikes in each round and landed 9 of 12 in the final round because of the damage done previously. Volanovski proved once again that he deserves to be the champion, and he will have another opportunity this weekend against Max Holloway.